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Talking Point: One Year On, What’s Still Missing From Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Animal Crossing New Horizons BrewsterNintendo Life

After a long, tiring old year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons need a shot. No, not the shot in the arm that is currently being rolled out across the planet with varying degrees of toughness – we are talking about a caffeine shot from the series’ supplier of the finest roasted bean juice, Brewster.

The damn fine coffee of everyone’s favorite barista is perhaps the most obvious, most ̵

6;significant’ element from previous games that fans are desperately looking back on. After 365 days of updates, both large and small, we honestly thought that everything would be in the game now, but the game’s huge success seems to have caught Nintendo on guard, and there are indications that the company may be looking to keep The ball is rolling with further updates and improvements to return to annual events (Bunny Day, for example, already has new stuff this year) and potentially add more amenities and mechanics to the game throughout its second year.

We looked at things we’d like to see in an update far back near launch, and we brainstormed some more in-depth features that we didn’t mind being added in May as well. A full year since its launch, some in-demand add-ons have actually arrived – Crazy Redd bought items for your desert islands, for example in April, and extra Custom Design images are now available in the first anniversary update – although others are still AWOL.

So take a jetty and let’s look at the things we’re most interested in seeing come over the horizon as the game enters its second year on the Switch. There is a poll at the bottom, so let us know what you want to see …

Brewster’s Roost

One of the most sought after items still missing from New Horizons, the ability to roll up to The Roost and grab a cup of Joe from Brewster has been missed by AC believers. Maybe we just need the willing ear of a barkeeper to pour our lock in, or maybe we just want to relax to some relaxing ‘coos’ while slurping our Arabica from the Colombian foot.

In any case, we desperately hope that Nintendo has a dove up its sleeve for update 2.0. We are happy to deliver coffee around the island given the chance – and some appropriate rewards, of course.

Resetti, Gracie, Dr. Shrunk, Wendell and other specials

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mr Resetti© Nintendo Life

The list of special characters that have not yet appeared on our desert islands is long. Mr Resetti certainly lingers (like Nook Inc. rescue service staff, no less), but actually has some set him in non-statuette form?

Wendell the Wandering Walrus is one of our favorites, but we’re looking forward to catching fashionista Gracie in our place; similarly insurance saleswoman Lyle, Katrina Fortune Teller or psychiatrist / stand-up comedian Dr. Shrunk. After the last year, we could all laugh, if not some time on his couch, right?


Gyroid© Nintendo

The NL team is divided on whether Gyroids are wonderfully weird little collectibles or nervous, dead-eyed figures we are happy to see the back of. A while ago, we asked Nintendo Life readers if they would like to see Gyroids come back, and the answer was a resounding yes!

So yes! Why not? Let’s fill our islands with more shit amazing stuff!

Tortimer’s Island and more multiplayer activities

Right now, Ol 'Torts has a better representation in Smash.
Right now, Ol ‘Torts has a better representation in Smash. (Image: Nintendo)

Improvements to the online component of the game – especially when it comes to the hoops you have to jump through to leave the island and unbearably time consuming process to have more than one person visiting your island – maybe ask a little too much. Nintendo has made it clear that a fast and smooth online experience is low on the list of priorities; what is It may be bulky compared to other online experiences, but it’s just about features. Good enough is good enough, it seems. It’s not that clumsy online functionality has done much to hurt sales.

In the absence of a more thorough online revision, we’d love to see Tortimer back, though – potentially in his role as Animals cross new leaf island tour guide, who can introduce a variety of mini-games, multiplayer-focused or otherwise in New Horizons. The May Day Maze event with the return of Rover was one of our favorite events so far (although you much preferred Halloween and Toy Day), so any expansion on this theme would be very welcome.

Batch Crafting

RIP our right thumb.
RIP our right thumb. (Image: Nintendo Life)

Fish bait. That’s right, we just want to make fish bait faster! When we try to hunt for Golden Trout or Stringfish, it will be a lifesaver to make fish bait in batches instead of getting an RSI from hammering the ‘A’ button. Or at least a hand saver.

The ability to create in groups. That’s it, Nintendo. Come on, throw us a leg here! Even multiples of ten would save our precious numbers from a terrible abuse. You want us to keep buying game stuff in our dotage, right? We players have to take care of ourselves and you do not help.

More Critters to catch

After spending an entire year catching bugs and eventually sea creatures, many players will now have completed their Critterpedia and captured absolutely every critter in the game. For many, hunting for everything signals an end – sort of – to the game, so it can be a way to draw players back in to add a new game of insect or marine life.

Of course, you will not overwhelm beginners. If we were given the responsibility to expand the catchable creatures in an update, we would probably have a special NPC with you when you 100% used Critterpedia to deliver news about new animals to catch. Maybe a new type of tree or flower will attract new insects to your island. Perhaps a special sonar device will help identify previously ‘hidden’ fish. Or how about receiving a golden ticket to a new tropical island filled with its own bespoke wildlife ready for cataloging? What about bird watching?

We are not sold on the idea of ​​different sizes, nor do we want Animal Crossing to become Pokémon (we do not really want male and female fish to catch, or shiny versions of standard rites – can you imagine ?!), but we would like a reason to break out the nets and fishing rods again.

The ability to change the resident representative

Housing representativeNintendo Life

It may have taken a while, but Nintendo eventually updated the game to allow the island to be transferred to a new switch using the special Island Transfer Tool. You can also move individual players to other islands if they are not the island representative, but it is not currently possible to change one island’s Resident Rep.

Why might you want to do this? Well, say you bought New Horizons for one of your kids and made them the most important player. Fast forward a month and they lost interest – it turns out that you or someone else is playing the game more these days. Unfortunately, the island’s “progress” (the ability to build new structures, pay off the mortgage, etc.) is tied to the residents’ representative, so you are forced to play like them if you want things done.

For some people, this supplement will not make much difference – for others it will be transformative.

Old Nintendo consoles, or an arcade!

NES & Super Mario Bros.© Nintendo Life

Okay, hear from us about this. Everyone wants the NES games from the original Animal transition back – but anyone who pays for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription already has access to them, right? So why not combine the two in a way that makes sense for Nintendo in 2021 – if you buy NES and SNES from Nook’s store and fire them up at home, you get a special Animal Crossing ‘wrapper’ where you can play NSO NES / SNES- games already available. Easy!

If Nintendo wanted to go to the city and install an arcade building on our islands, we would be all for it too. But since we can already buy the regular Switch, Animal Crossing-branded Switch and now Switch Lites (exclusively for NSO subscribers, no less) in the game, why not NES, SNES and other retro consoles that may appear as part of Nintendo Switch Online in the future? They would look great in our house with all the Mario 25th anniversary.

Are you still playing Animal Crossing on Switch? Would any of the above additions bring you back to the board? One-time, non-annual events, perhaps? What will keep New Horizons fresh for you as the game enters its second year due to update 2.0? Let us know with a comment below.

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