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Talk Android's Phone of the Year 2018!

It's the end of the year, which means it's time for us to sit down and find out what we liked most about 2018. There were tons of phones released this year, and flagship phones are all a bit boring compared to earlier year, but it just means that the winners did something right to get out of the crowd.

You can check out the Talk Android team's best-choice phone choice in 201

8 below.

Picking a smartphone for 2018's phone of the year is a bit of a challenge, for even the market at the high end reaches a certain degree of parity. Leading names struggle not only to distinguish themselves from the package, they struggle to come up with strong points of sale for a potential upgrade from last year's models. Yes, you can get the latest fastest processor and the latest operating system updates that help with the user experience and in many cases battery life. Many manufacturers are looking for cameras and camera software features to try to distinguish between their product, but even then the difference is a slim and often times subjective.

When I looked at potential candidates, I began to consider what I ended up buying for myself, a Pixel 3 XL. Squeeze everything they can out of a single lens camera in a field that is crowded with multiple lens configurations, Google comes to the table with super fast updates for those who want to stay ahead of Android operating system updates. With a strategy that tries to shed more features from buyers, Samsung offers both its Galaxy S9 phones and Galaxy Note 9. The latter is a particularly strong player for processing, especially with the addition of a Bluetooth enabled smart pen. Other phones like the LG V40 ThinQ and Huawei Mate 20 Pro can also make strong demands.

Finally, I chose OnePlus 6T for one reason. That's why the price is. As so many other phones swing around the $ 1000 mark when launched, OnePlus managed to find a way to offer comparable hardware to a fraction of that amount. In addition, OnePlus managed to get on the market with a fingerprint sensor on the display. The only reason why it was not my own choice when I bought a phone was the lack of support for all major US carriers.

t has been a smartphone smartphone with medium-sized segment that gives better value and performance than ever with Xiaomys Mi 8 Pro and OnePlus 6 are first-rate examples. If you absolutely need a flagship smartphone, though, and have money to burn, my choice for best smartphone in 2018, predictably, must be Mate 20 Pro from Huawei.

It's comfortable for the eye, comfortable to hold, has a live OLED display, and takes great detailed pictures under all conditions thanks to the trio of rear cameras and AI help thanks to the powerful Kirin 980 with its two NPUs. The in-display fingerprint reader works as a treat while 3D Face Unlock unlocks the phone in a moment. With a 4,200mAh battery that will get you through the hardest day with ease, then take only 30 minutes to charge up to the 70% mark, the Mate 20 Pro phone is continuing to provide. It's the phone I keep going back to and the phone I trust to take photos of the special moments. The worst thing about Mate 20 Pro is that it's not available for purchase in the United States, which is a shame.

Google has almost everything with the third generation of its Pixel phones, especially the smaller variant. Both the first and second generation Pixels were a bit clunky on the hardware side with giant frames and less than the star screens. The larger Pixel 2 XL adopted a more modern aesthetic with less fittings, but had a very problematic OLED display from LG. Pixel 3 is borrowed from its designed, but with a more polished assembly and a screen that actually appreciates its $ 799 price. It's capable of making a 5.5-inch screen in the same footprint as last year's 5-inch Pixel 2, while keeping the favorite front-mounted speakers always preferred.

The cameras are better than ever this year, with two front cameras and, without a doubt, the best mobile camera in 2018 on the back. A new feature, Night Sight, can also brighten the pictures in a dark environment so well that it's a real "big addition" and not just a gimmick. Google's layer Android is also improved this year with an updated gesture-driven user interface and top notch performance (not recent Pixel 2 devices have been slow). While I find the Pixel 3 XL aesthetically horrible with giant hack and big bottom edge, the smaller Pixel 3 has a big screen in a well-balanced, user-friendly body and guaranteed updates from Google for the next 3 years. I often understand that it's Google's version of iPhone, but it's not really bad.

LG phones do not tend to win too many awards, and it's fair to say that most of them are not always snuff for any of these awards, but LG seems to have hit its track this year . The LG V40 ThinQ managed to check all the boxes I care about in a single package despite the errors, and it is my choice for the best phone of the year.

V40 remains competitive with most flagship phones from this year in terms of speed, camera, storage, etc. Out doing just the same as everyone else does not make you stand out. These are the small things, like the brilliant haptic feedback engine that LG uses, or underestimated, but helpful AI features that add enough polish that you do not always see with other devices. Samsung Bixby is still quite rubbish compared to Google Assistant as LG uses, and OnePlus uses cheap haptic engines and terrific speakers in its flagship devices. LG has not cut these corners.

In addition, there are only a lot of software updates for power users right in the phone, which also seems like something most phones have a trend away from. It's an argument to make for a simpler software experience, but the V40 has so much horsepower, why not throw it out so we can get some extra features and adjust the phone exactly how we like it?

V40 is not & # 39; t without mistakes but considering how great it is to things it will do and how easy it is to find offers on LG phones, I'm a pretty big fan.

And that's our choice for the year. Love them? Hate them? Sound in the comments and let us know what you would have picked.

Jared uses her working hours and sells phones and free time writes about them. Android enthusiasm started with the original Motorola Droid, but tech enthusiasm currently covers just about everything. He likes PC games, Lenovo Moto Z line and a good productivity app.

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