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Take a trip back to 1997 with a never-opened Nintendo 64 Disk Drive dev set

YouTuber Shane Luis has tweeted some amazing photos of a new game development kit for Nintendo 64s Disk Drive (64DD), a very rare peripheral device that was never released outside of Japan, and which played games from proprietary floppy disks. You can (and should!) Read see through the whole thread from this tweet, but I will share some of the pictures here in this article.

This is what the box looks like – nothing flashy.

Inside the dark blue box at the top right were five 64DD development disks, which were dark blue instead of the gray used for retail gaming.

The development kit also included a special adapter to allow developers to connect two N64 cartridges simultaneously instead of just one. When everything was connected, it looks like this:

Here is the 64DD itself, which has a blue trim around the disc groove that is used to denote it as a development unit that matches the color used for the development disks:

And here the whole 64DD development system is connected and connected to a Nintendo 64. It’s huge! (Although apparently not as big as the PS5.)

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to see a 64DD myself, since the periphery was not very successful (only nine games were released for it), and it only came out in Japan. But these images may be the second best, and are just a purely interesting look at something from Nintendo’s past.

Again, I highly recommend browsing the entire thread in its entirety or checking out his album of photos in the online archive.

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