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Take a big PC game for free on steam right now

Here's a game you should probably download if you have not already purchased it. For Glory: Starter Edition is free at Steam for a limited period of time. This is not one of the free game weekends where you lose access after a few days either. If you download the game, you can keep and play it forever.

For Honor is quite different from most other games on the market. It is an online melee brawler who pits three fractions of warriors against each other: Vikings, Knights and Samurai. All heroes have unique fighting styles, and the fighting system is deep and intricate.

The version currently free on Steam is Starter Edition, which usually sells for $ 15. As such, it's more limited than the pricier versions you can also buy. Starter Edition contains all the core of the game ̵

1; singleplayer campaign and all multiplayer modes and maps are there. What is missing is most of heroes.

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For Honor launched with 12 characters. Starter Edition comes with three heroes completely unlocked (one from each fraction). You also get three extra heroes to make playable. Unlike the unlocked heroes, you can not customize these characters with new outfits unless you use 8000 steel (in-game currency) on each one. The six extra heroes that launched the game cost 8,000 Steel to completely unlock.

Since the game launched, Ubisoft has introduced six extra heroes to the game. Unlock these signs cost 15,000 Steel each. (A new faction of four new characters comes with Marching Fire update October 16.)

You can buy Steel for real money or buy it through games. Ubisoft says to earn 8000 Steel requires a purchase of $ 8 or between eight and 15 hours of playing time. Even if you do not want to do mental gymnastics to find out what it would take to unlock all the characters, you can still download For Honor: Starter Edition for free right now to try it. It is unclear when it will return to its normal price so you are better off downloading sooner than later.

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