Last year, T-Mobile announced its intentions of the "uncarrier" service, with its acquisition of Layer3, an online broadcaster. The first fruits of this acquisition have just sparked their head on the FCC in the form of a new T-Mobile branded set-top box.

FCC archives do not contain much information, but we know based on the data provided it has 2.4 / 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (BLE, based on the description included in one of the internal images).

According to the Installation Guide (built-in bottom of this post) hardware has the formal and incredibly imaginative name "T-MOBILE MINI_ VM301

1C." It also has a remote control, images that are not included in the archiving, even though it is a truncated image of one end of it in the Installation Guide PDF:

Although there appears to be no coaxial connection on any product images , the manual also mentions an ANT IN input for use with terrestrial antennas, so it may also be a built-in tuner – although I'm more likely to think manual is only in Error.

Other inputs include Ethernet, USB and HDMI, plus the required HDMI output.

T-Mobile's ODM wanted to be confidential on many of the internal forms, but did not seem to care when it came to the abundance of external images or the installation manual.

We still do not know how much this device may cost or what T-Mobile plans to charge for its TV service, but given the hardware making its way through the FCC, we'll probably hear much more about it very soon.

T-Mobile Layer3 Set-top Box (MINI_ VM3011C) Manual by Ryne Hager on Scribd