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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Everything we know for the new Nintendo Direct


Brace yourself.


All Smash Bros. characters are directed to Nintendo Switch with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming to stores on December 7, 201

8. After Nintendo revealed a lot of details about the new Smash Bros. entry During the E3 2018, a Nintendo Direct, which was recently hosted by the series director Masahiro Sakurai, was even more Details of what's new with Ultimate.

So far, it looks like Smash Bros. Ultimate lives up to its name. The game has yet another Smash Bros. character (and new additions like Castlevania's Simon Belmont and Splatoon Inklings), more than 100 stages, more than 800 music tracks and countless other additions to the long-term franchise.

Here's all we know so far about what might be the most sought after game for the Nintendo switch, from gameplay tweaks to new modes that make their debut to Smash Bros.


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate debuts on the switch


What is Smash Bros. and why are all freaking out?

Since Nintendo 64, each Nintendo console has a game where beloved (or unclear) Nintendo characters beat each other meaninglessly. In what ended up being one of the smartest features in game development history, Nintendo's decision to make a less technical battle game resulted in millions of sales. Seriously sold the Wii Smash Bros. alone more than 13 million copies.

. Whether promoting a competitive society or highlighting characters beyond Nintendo's famous stable (Solid Snake, we look at you), Smash Bros. been a series that both casual players and Nintendo believers can both enjoy. Especially since Gamecube's Super Smash Bros. Melee, the series has taken a number of left turns and included tons of unexpected characters, giving even more excitement.

Even when fans disagree with some of the decisions Sakurai has done, they are always back for more in the moment he announces a new Smash Bros. And given the success of Switch between both crowds it's easy to see why the last entry has already given so much excitement.

When Comes Smash Bros. Ultimate out?

The first trailer could not be more aware when Nintendo will launch the last title in the series that appears. And on E3 2018, Nintendo delivered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be in stores on December 7, 2018.



What playable characters will be in Smash Bros. Ultimate?

The best answer to that question is simple: all together. On E3 2018, Sakurai revealed that every fighter who has been in a Super Smash Bros. game will be featured in Smash Bros. Ultimate. It includes DLC fighters like Bayonetta, Cloud and Ryu, along with returning favorites like Solid Snake.

But these characters do not come to Smash Bros. Ultimate unchanged. Basically, all characters get bigger or smaller adjustments to their features, attributes, or play styles. Here are some, but not all of the changes Sakurai outlined during the E3 2018 event:

  • Mario has no new moves based on the Super Mario Odyssey, but he wants to wear Cappy, which can be seen in selected special features.
  • Link is based on his Breath of the Wild iteration, with its special features and weapons updated to reflect the Switch input.
  • Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch and other strong attacks will trigger a slow moving effect in 1 vs 1 matches.
  • Zelda's new look is based on the 3DS title A Link Between Worlds, with a new final smash for boot.
  • Final smashes on it all have been tweaked to get faster and more cinematic.
  • Cloud Limit Break, Robin's Limited-Use Attack and other character-specific capabilities will have clear screens at the bottom of the screen for easier insight about their status.
  • Pokemon Trainer can switch between Pokemon at will, even midway, with an alternative costume for a female coach.
  • And c lone characters, often a point of controversy among smash bros fans, have been turned into echo fighters. Characters like Lucina and Beginner Daisy are in the game, but treated as variants of previously existing characters.

It's cool, but are there any new characters to fight?

What are you not happy with dozens of warriors?

During the latest Direct, Nintendo revealed its latest third-party character addition: Simon Belmont from Castlevania series. As you expect, Simon takes his whip and a variety of monster-slaying tools to the game, and Dracula's Castle-themed level looks particularly promising.

  screen-shot-2018-08-08-at-7 -01-02-am

Simon Belmont, The vampire hunter of Castlevania, joins the Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Nintendo / Screenshot of CNET

During the same direct, Nintendo developed on echo characters. Echo characters are tweaked versions of characters that are not quite clear enough to be given their own separate moveset.

Daisy is, for example, an echo version of the peach. But with newly discovered Echo characters like Dark Samus, Chrom and Richter, Nintendos seems a little more than just replacing cartoon and tweaking animations. Dark Samus looks special and Chrom seems to lend features from several Fire Emblem characters.


CNET screenshot

And no, we did not forget King K. Rool. After many years of fan requests, Donkey King's antagonist is finally making his Smash debut.

Splatoon's Inklings also makes its Smash Bros. debut in Ultimate. As you may expect, Inklings relies on ink weapons to increase the amount of damage the opponents take from attacks. Splat Roller, Spalt Bomb and Splattershot will all be either special or smash attack, with the extra jaw of ink emissions. The said attack uses Inkling ink reserves, which must be refilled while they are shielded. And yes, Inklings has a tonn of outfits.

  inkling-smash-brothers ultimate

CNET screenshot

Then, at the end of its E3 2018 event, Nintendo revealed a character Smash Bros. Fans have been asking since the very first entry: Ridley. Samus Aran's giant nemesis has often been said to be too big to be referred to as a playable character in the past, but why does the size matter when dealing with the biggest Smash Bros. ever? Ridley is as powerful as you expect, with a special move especially to have a sweet spot that looks like it's doing as much damage as the vaunted Falcon Punch.

What is Smash Bros. Ultimate scene situation?

Like the giant roster, Ultimate's bounty of stages encapsulates the entire franchise, with some new additions. The previous entry in the franchise shared exclusive stages between the Wii U and 3DS versions, but as the theme with Ultimate, they are all taken into the board. Right now, the total number of stages totaled 103.


CNET screenshot

However, according to Sakurai, if you take into account all stages variations and clearly treat them, there are more than 300 stages in the Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Each stage will get an Omega form that simplifies the scene and eliminates dangers and interactive elements to be more friendly to players who want to minimize random items. Omega shapes were first included in Smash Bros on Wii U and 3Ds, and Ultimate stages will get Omega shapes that mimic both the Flat Final Destiny scene and the platform-like Battlefield scene. And regardless of the two toggles, there is a separate opportunity to eliminate the dangers of a scene.

During the latest Direct Sakurai showed a whole new scene feature that allows players to choose two stages before a match. In the middle of the game, the scene will morph from one to the next, which requires you to adapt to the new environment.

And fortunately, this willing number of stages does not require any unlock: Each scene and variant will be available from the moment you start the game.

What music will be available while I pummel my friends?

One of the Smash Bros. series most underrated items is the soundtrack. Earlier entires have contained an almost endless supply of sweet theme songs, both original and rendered, from series represented in the game. A quick glance at the giant list of tracks included in Smash Bros. Wii U reveals the sheer width of music included in the franchise.

During August Direct Sakurai revealed more details about Smash's amazing soundtrack. We let the number of tracks speak for themselves:

  smash-bros-ultimate tracks

Oi. [19659003] CNET screen

Singer from Nintendo's entire story, and other non-Nintendo games with Smash participants like Mega Man and Castlevania, has all the exhaustive song libraries to subtract. And for the first time, songs are not linked to stages. Instead, stages will be the default to choose tracks based on the franchise the scene is linked to. And if you want to create your own custom soundtrack or listen to F-Zero while in a Kirby stage, no worries. It's all customizable.


CNET Screenshot

You can already dive into remastered tracks that are included in Smash Bros. Ultimate, starting with the main theme, via the official Smash Bros. page. We do not have a full track list yet, and given how many songs are included, it's a post on our own when we do.

What new modes come to Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Since they've been in every Smash Bros. entry, it's fair to assume that any version of Target Smash will appear, but beyond that it's all okay. On the E3 2018, Nintendo revealed no more details about particular modes, instead focusing more on characters and stages.

But during August Direct, we learned a lot more about specific Smash modes.

  • Eight-player matches are back and they are now compatible with each map.
  • Squad Strike is a 3v3 or 5v5 team game where you select a slate of characters and pass through each in a series of matches.
  • Tournament mode is back, the game automatically generates brackets after selecting the player count.
  • Smashdown, a new mode, has players go through the entire router in a series of matches. When a character is used once, they can not be used again.
  • Training mode becomes a significant revolution, with its own scene focused entirely on analyzing data on characters, from the range of specific attacks to launcher at low, medium and high claims rates.

Towards the end of the direct mysterious option on Smash Bros. Ultimates main screen stoked fan speculation about Smash would get a new history mode, especially given the lavish attention of many of the teaser trailers.


What could it be !? [19659003] CNET screen

Series Wii Record, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, contained a surprisingly long story-historical adventure mode titled "The Subspace Emissary." That mode created a narrative justification, but forced and confused, for signs across as many franchises as joining or fighting each other. The Subspace Emissary itself contained cutscenes between their matches, giving the franchise's first, and so far just, true story. Can a similar mode make a comeback on the switch? Time will tell …

Yes, it happened.

For the strangely satisfying 3DS-exclusive Smash Run and infuriating Wii U-exclusive Smash Tour, their continuation continues. Fortunately, given Switch's dual functionality, there will be no features or map sharing between console and handheld versions of the game. Given that it's a star star, Classic Mode and the beloved (but non-playable) final boss Master Hand will probably give back.

Will Smash Bros. Have decent online games?

There is no telling until the game is in nature, but it is expected given that Nintendo is charging for the online multiplayer for the first time that we will see an improvement of Smash's online options. Nintendo did not mention anything about the net during the press conference E3 2018, so we're still in the dark about details, but we know that Switch's online service will launch in late September.

Both Wii and Wii U versions were hammered by rocky netcode, and the latest entries limited online games between strict casual and competitive drawers. But newer multiplayer-focused titles like Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 2 have proven to be great at Switch, so there are many reasons to hope for the same with Smash Bros.

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