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Super Mario Party Expects Me To High Five Of These Jerks

Screenshot: Super Mario Party (Nintendo)

Mario Party is a cruel game that deliberately interferes with chaos between friends. Last night, I decided to play the latest game, Super Mario Party and discovered that this new entry in the franchise has attempted to add a form of sports spirit by making your characters high five each other. It does not have the intended outcome.

To make your characters high five, you take Joy-Con and kind of swing it in the air. If all players do this at the same time, their characters are high five. You will be asked to do it at the beginning and end of the game as well as after some mini-games. At first I thought it was sweet. Then I started to lose.

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I do not think of myself as a competitive person until I start competing. Then I remember that I love to win. It feels great to be the best, even on something unfit like Mario Party . Last night I started with a senior management. I had three stars and the other players pulled behind me with one or no stars – and I felt pretty handsome. Then another player casts a star from me, as they are right.

Mario Party is full of random villains like this. The first star I got, I actually hit randomly by landing on a "hidden block". My second star, I had stolen myself so I could not really expose someone else to steal one from me. It was only then, we were almost at the end of the game and the star had moved quite far away from me. I did not have the opportunity to get another before the match ended, which meant my effort had been for nothing. Even after my star was stolen, Mario Party thought I should raise five all the other players. Well, I do not want to.

I'm not going to say I fooled my last high on purpose. I tried to get that strange swinging motion, I swear! I just did not feel it and thus the grade I played, Rosalina, was not high five. Today, I learned that Mario Party is actually prepared for this scenario. Each character has a unique response to being denied a high five. Waluigi is quite fun:

Super Mario Party is a game for children and encourages children not to have difficult feelings when they lose, or to celebrate each other's successes, is a good thing. But I'm an grown-up adult, and I refuse to be ripe to lose. I was so close and ended up in a mistreated second place. I will be bitter about this until the day I die.

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