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Strange Brigade Review – Old Fashioned Fun

Strange Brigade (PS4) – A Strange Approach to Co-op Shooters

It's mummy instead of zombies that are undead threat in Rebellion's no frills co -op shooter. 1

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There's a lot to say about the simple the joys of a consciously uncomplicated video game. As a growing horde of games as service titles try to steal every second of their free time, some modern games may feel more like a job than a hobby. Even thought to waste mobile games is desperate to get back to them on every occasion, giving a valuable little opportunity for anyone to enjoy a fast, infinite game of friends. And that's exactly the role that Strange Brigade wants to fill.

The latest game from Sniper Elite makers Opprør is pretty much what it seems to be. Provided that what appears to you is a more light-hearted version of Left 4 Dead, with mummies and other ancient Egyptian monsters instead of more modern zombies. Although it may be relatively entertaining On its own, the game is designed primarily as a four-player co-op game. Apart from that, instead of worrying about level grinding and legendary loot, your only real concern is the priority which monster you should shoot first.

Basically, you position yourself as a kind of anti-destiny, by offering you the opportunity to play a third person online shooting game with your friends, but with least fuss and preparation. Imagine Call of Duty's zombies, but simpler and less obscure. Strange Brigade's approach comes with some obvious drawbacks, but gamble Rebellion is to do is that you will consider it all worth getting to shoot the maximum number of bad boys for the smallest amount. Strange Brigade's unusual setting is that of a victorian boy's own fairy tale story, as you follow the outbreaks of a group of stiffly-lipped adventurers who include a former soldier, an old school magician, an african warrior, and the woman from the second world war we can do it! poster – except with a Lancastrian accent. There is also a fifth grade available at launch, but to be honest they call the characters, it is a bit stretched, as they do not really show much noticeable personality in either cut scenes or during the game.

The layout looks like it's going to lead to a series of Backadder style parodies of Colonial era fiction, but even with a Pathé news-style narrator, the different quips never give more than a fun eyebrow. It's too bad because the setting is ripe for exploitation, but in the end it seems to be wasted.

Each of the characters starts with their own signature weapons and explosives, and these can be upgraded with pearls that give their own special buffs and abilities. You can also use money to unlock limited-use weapons like a submarine and flamethrower, or unlock another sign of weapon if you prefer to use it. The gunplay is good and goes well around the technological limitation of time, but it has nothing like precision or feedback from other top shooters.

Many of the most useful gems are well hidden behind relatively complex jigsaw puzzles, which require a little investigation to solve, but they are all about just shooting switches or memorizing patterns. The more difficult tasks are never essential to develop, especially if you have a full cadres of allies that come with you, and the main road through a level never requires anything in the way of true brain power. Strange Brigade (PS4) – Mom is the word ” class=”size-full wp-image-7888010″/>

Strange Brigade (PS4) – Mom is the word

With so many enemies on the screen right away, the control of people becomes more important than shooting accuracy, with the biggest the complication of being a fairly limited ammunition supply that requires you to use different Indiana Jones styles that can catch enemies in spikes or knock them off with nail blocks.

The only other minor complication is the unique special features of each character. It takes a very long time to build up and rarely seem worth the effort unless you can turn them off at the right moment. The melee match is just as bad, which is a pity because it puts extra pressure on the so popular gunplay.

Strange Brigade has a very specific role it tries to play, and it is one that allows it to be open to accusations to be shallow and repetitive. And it is immense such, but in the same way as the old school, arcades and shooters used to be. The real problem is the mediocre action and the game's slow pacing and meandering levels.

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When the backs face the wall, it may seem very exciting and filled with the required amounts of awake do, but it often feels just a little turgid and aimless. Lack of complication is good, but we found ourselves often and played the game almost on autopilot, especially in anemic Horde and Score Attack modes.

Even this is not necessarily a criticism, depending on your game preferences, but it makes small Strange Brigade the appeal to a very specific subset of players. It may seem like a strange thing for a publisher to want to do, but if the game fits your needs, then what others can see as wrong will be the game's most appealing aspect.

Strange Brigade

In Short: A comfortable, simple partner whose lack of complications will be seen as a blessing or curse, depending on your gamer requirements.

Advantages: Instantly available action makes a virtue for no frills presentation. Lots of content and game modes, just about customization options.

Cons: The game is repetitive and shallow after design. Levels often feel prolonged and poor pace.


Format: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC] Developer: Rebellion
Release Date: August 28, 2018
Certificate: 16

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