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Standard music player can be set to Spotify in iOS 14.5 beta

Apple has finally offered the ability to set Spotify as the default music player for Siri commands. This was previously only available on HomePods, and was a feature we requested in 2019.

The new behavior appears in the beta version of iOS 14.5. The first time you ask Siri to play something, it shows all the streaming services you have installed on your device and asks you which one you want to use. Once you have done that, Siri then standardizes the service for subsequent requests …

The feature was first discovered by Reddit users (via MacRumors), and also includes podcast apps. Users without the Apple Music app installed report that it is only standard for the music player they are using.

“I just asked Siri to play a song, and it started on Spotify without further question. I have uninstalled Apple Music. ”

“I do not have the music cap installed, and it only requested permission to access YouTube Music. After that, each request has been sent directly to YTM. ”

“I asked Siri to play an artist without specifying Spotify, and it told me it would need access to my Spotify account and asked if I allowed access. I answered yes and the song was played. Now each command controls Spotify, even if it is not mentioned. Great move. ”

“It even works when I ask it to play my songs that I like, and it goes straight to Spotify to play that playlist, pretty cool.”


However, users point out that it seems buggy at the moment.

“This actually seems pretty buggy. I tried this and it did not give me any popup. Just go straight to Apple Music. ”

“Yes, it’s a bit inconsistent, as with all things Siri. Right now I asked it to “play blue hotel”, after which it offered me to choose, then I rejected it and asked it again, and it played right on Apple Music, and then for the third time I asked it, it asked me access to my Pocket Casts data, which is a podcast app and obviously has no music at all. ”

Apple has made a number of moves late to keep antitrust actions in check. IOS 14 last year allowed users to change the default browser and email app as part of five changes made in response to antitrust issues. The changes were made after it was suggested that the company abused its dominant position to put competition programs at a disadvantage.

Apple has so far kept this quiet. It is worth noting that there is no user interface for this in Settings yet, so it is possible that the company did not intend to have this feature released in iOS 14.5. Either way, it will make many people happy when it is fully available.

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