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Spotify’s new home screen features bring order to the chaos

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Spotify launches a new home screen design that will make it easier to find what you’re looking for from home.

Spotify’s home screen on mobile has always seemed a bit chaotic to me, with a bunch of “for you” playlists mixed in with what the algorithm thinks I want to hear. The new Spotify website on iOS and Android, which the company said will launch globally “this month”, should make the discovery process a little easier.

Main among these new features is the ability to “travel back in time” and see your latest listening history for up to three months. Both free and premium users will find the listening history button at the top right of the home screen next to the setting equipment. From this menu you can not only see what you were listening to, but from where, for example, a podcast show or a specific playlist.

The home menu will also appear new and recently listened to podcasts – a feature that will no doubt help Spotify increase its great podcast print. Things you’ve already listened to appear in this menu with a bar indicating how far you are, while a blue dot will indicate a suggested podcast that Spotify recommends you check out. The new home button will also display relevant music recommendations, which can help you discover music beyond your Discover Weekly playlist.

As a person who rarely ever has any idea what I want to listen to, I can definitely appreciate the discovery process. But to be able to see what I was listening to and enjoyed without having to do any serious detective work is also a good addition.

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