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Spotify’s mysterious car kit is leaking again when the launch may be near

Back in 2019, Spotify announced a project called Car Thing, the company’s debut in the automotive industry with a gadget that aimed to help the company gather some analysis on the way subscribers interact with the content.

Spotify said from the beginning that Car Thing was not necessarily aimed at the consumer market, but new images that hit the web this week seem to suggest otherwise.

First of all, the photos you see here have been discovered by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser in the iOS version of Spotify and are believed to give us a look at the nearest final version of Car Thing. We still do not know if this is the name Spotify will use for its production version of the device.

Drawings discovered in FCC archives not long ago pointed to a developed version of the device, but these new images indicate that the design is now even more polished and ready for a possible launch.

Car Thing now has a large screen, probably with touch support provided some virtual buttons to control media playback also appear on the screen. There are two separate buttons, one super large and one smaller just below it, most likely for functions such as adjusting the volume.

As things stand, the device will also support multiple mounting methods, including the air vent, just like a typical smartphone. Undoubtedly, the goal is to be positioned so that the driver can see the screen, and it is believed that speech control will be a key feature to reduce distraction.

But right now there̵

7;s a lot we do not know about Spotify’s mysterious car kit, and probably the most important question is whether the company plans to release it to consumers or not. Spotify has so far kept a close eye on the progress of this project, so no other official details are available.

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