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Spotify presents a new mobile home screen coming this month

Spotify is preparing to release a new home interface update designed to give subscribers an even more personalized experience. The updated interface will be available globally on iOS and Android later this month.

“We are constantly working on ways to improve our user experience,” Spotify said in a blog post. “Through this latest update, we’ll launch more advances on the mobile home that are designed to make it easier and more intuitive to find the sound you like.”

Here are the three big changes coming to Spotify’s new home interface on iOS and Android:

  • Travel back in time: Rediscover lost gems in your listening history with a new “Recently Played”
    ; goal, where users can jump back in time and browse up to three months of listening history. Premium and free users globally will be able to browse recently played individual tracks and episodes in addition to the playlists, albums and shows they were played from.
  • Jump into new and unfinished podcasts: Global Premium users can watch new and relevant podcast episodes right at home. New episodes will be marked with a blue dot, and episodes you have already started will show a progress bar indicating how far into the episode you are.
  • Discover more music: Premium users globally will not miss a single track from artists they love. Now you will see a new surface highlighted at the top of the Home Button dedicated to discovery-oriented recommendations that are personal, timely and reactive to your liking.

The new changes to Spotify’s home screen come about a year after the streaming service made it easier to find your favorite playlists and podcasts. It was a useful update because it made it easier to jump into the content. This update builds on that by making the Home screen an even more personal experience.

Spotify said that the updated home screen will be available for mobile devices this month, and considering how there are only a few days left in March, we should see it land very soon.

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