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Spotify Connect will soon be available for free users as well

Spotify Connect is a pretty good alternative to things like Bluetooth and AirPlay, but so far, it has been strictly the domain of Premium users. Those who listen for free have not had access to Spotify Connect, but it's about changing with a new update to Spotify's Commercial Partners SDK. Starting today, these hardware partners can enable Spotify Connect for free users in their speakers.

This is of course good news for free users, as they are subject to a number of restrictions that Premium users do not have to take care of. Many of these limitations are still in place – for example, free users can not download music, and they are limited in how many songs they can skip over an hour.

Nevertheless, you open SDK to allow hardware manufacturers to Support free users is the latest in a number of improvements Spotify has made its free tier. The hope is that people who use other music services will give Spotify free a spin and when hooked, sign up for a Premium account to unlock some additional benefits. Even though the converters never sign up for a Premium account, they are still serving ads as they listen, and it's finally a person to Spotify's already massive user base.

Now that Spotify has opened its SDK, it's up to the company's hardware partners to enable this functionality in its speakers. "The release of our new eSDK will change the game for Spotify's Free users who want to enjoy music on their connected speakers," said Spotify Senior Product Direct Mikael Ericsson in today's announcement. "We look forward to supporting our partners in the coming months as they update existing speakers and bring new products to the market."

Doing no mistake, this is a great thing for Spotify's free users, which currently exceeds those who pay monthly for a Premium account. The difference is not as great as you can expect ̵

1; Spotify pointed out today that it has 191 million users worldwide and 87 million subscribe to Spotify Premium. It leaves 104 million users listening for free and this new SDK functionality can go a long way to ensure that the free users stick with Spotify instead of jumping ships and going with another provider.

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