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Spotify adds three new types of personal playlists with the launch of ‘Spotify Mixes’ – TechCrunch

Spotify announced this morning that they are expanding their selection of personal playlists significantly, with the addition of three new categories of playlists under the heading “Spotify mixer”. This collection will include artist mixes, genre mixes and decade mixes – which means you get access to a significant number of new mixes with easy-to-understand titles, such as 2010s Mix, R&B Mix, Pop Mix, Drake Mix, Selena Gomez Mix and so on – or whatever reflects your own tastes and interests.

The company says that the idea for Spotify Mixes was inspired by Daily Mixes, launched in the autumn of 2016.

Daily Mixes had been one of the company’s first major personalization expansions beyond the flagship playlist, Discover Weekly, when they introduced a large set of playlists that reflect users̵

7; listening history. Today, Daily Mixes gathers your latest listeners with other tracks to keep you engaged – and the new Spotify mixes do essentially the same, as they’re filled with music you like plus “fresh tracks”. The difference is that the new mixes have clearer names and a more specific focus, in some cases.

The Spotify mixes will be available to all users worldwide, including both free users and Premium subscribers. At launch, you will find them in the Search in the “Made for You” hub.

You will also easily see them, as Spotify has already filled its app with a selection of mixers in the top three rows of the “Made for You” hub. Here you will find “Your Genre Mixes”, “Your Artist Mixes” and “Your Decade Mixes” – each with a horizontally scrollable selection of mixers to get you started. Spotify says that each mix category will be updated frequently and will always have more playlists available.

The new feature competes somewhat with a similar offering on Pandora, launched three years ago. The SiriusXM-owned music cap had used Music Genome technology to create personal playlists of a variety of attributes, including genre and mood. Although it was not a comparison of apples to apples, Pandora’s launch had instantly expanded users’ access to personal playlists by the dozens. It’s actually a little surprising that it took Spotify as long as it did to offer a competitive response.

The launch comes shortly after new celebrity-inspired playlists were added to Spotify’s “Workout Hub” earlier this week.

Spotify says that the new playlists are rolling out today to global users.

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