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Spins with Garmin's vivosmart 4 activity tracking, today – TechCrunch

Garmin continues head-to-head with Fitbit with the launch of its latest offer – vivosmart 4 activity tracking. This sleek new bracelet band not only traces steps, activities and weather, but also comes with a blood oxygen sensor and tells you how much energy you've saved up to the next full throttle session.

The new body's battery energy calculator estimates the body's energy reserves to help you figure out when you feel faster and why. You only sweep through the on-screen menu to get to the energy levels or a variety of other data prices such as steps, heart rate, stress levels and stairs climbed. The blood oxygen sensor will tell you how well oxygen is pumped from the heart to the outer areas of your body and can help you find out if you get a good sleep in.

I took the new vivosmart 4 for a spin this week and became not disappointed in upgrades. First, this is a very nice piece of jewelry. The sleek, fashionable design fits nicely on the wrist and comes in berry with gold charm, powder gray with pink gold charm, azure blue with silver brace, and black with slate fitting. It also feels good to wear. The material is smooth, soft and light, and slides easily.

The new model is equipped with a newly developed wrist heart rate sensor, VO2 max and tracker for various activities like running, strength training and yoga.

Another interesting feature includes tension level measuring tools that will remind you to relax and take a breath throughout your busy work day.

As its predecessor, vivosmart 3, 4 comes with the ability to check the weather, play music and receive updates of text messages. It is safe to use underwater so it can be used in the shower or if you want to swim.

Battery life is also strong enough to stay charged for up to one week at a time. Compare it with Fitbit HR and Charge 2, which lasts up to five days.

Body energy is also a nice touch. The tracker displays your energy levels using a combination of data including heart rate, sleep, stress level and activity from previous days, so it will take some time to figure out how much output you have before a workout. [19659002]

Overall, I'd like to say that it's a nice watch to hang on your booth. However, there are some disadvantages. The screen is hard to work with. I found I had to press several times, not just twice as the instructions indicate. It is also not very intuitive to maneuver and do not pick up immediately that you try to sweep through the menu at times. You need to take some time living with it to get it.

This is an activity tracking I would recommend for a fitness person, except for the difficulty of navigating the screen. It's an area that can be significantly improved by the manufacturer, and will put it at the top of my Track Track list instead of somewhere in the middle.

For those who are interested, vivosmart 4 will be sold for around $ 130 and can be found online or at a sports store near you.

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