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Sources: Google’s next wireless earbuds are ‘Pixel Buds A’

For some years now, Google has been offering affordable variants of its Pixel phones with Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a. We can only report that the next Made by Google genuine wireless earbuds will be “Pixel Buds A”, available in two new colors.

Last year, Google introduced the second generation of Pixel Buds, the first true wireless earbuds. Where the 2017 edition of the Google headset used a cord to connect the two buttons behind the head, the newer model offers two independent buttons that are connected to your phone via Bluetooth, joining the trend of real wireless earbuds that have become popular by Apple AirPods.

According to our sources, Google is getting ready to expand its range of real wireless earbuds for 2021

with “Pixel Buds A.” It is not surprising that Pixel Buds A hardly differs visually from today’s Pixel Buds, except for a few changes in the color palette. First, we can confirm that Pixel Buds A will be available in two colors, white and green.

The white model will stand out with an all-white suitcase interior and all-white knob design, in contrast to the black plastic on the earplugs, wings and suitcase interior seen on last year’s model for all colors. To give a better idea of ​​what this design might look like, we’ve changed a picture of last year’s Pixel Buds to be roughly in line with our understanding of the white Pixel Buds A.

  A doctored picture of what we think Pixel Buds A should look like with a completely white design.

Meanwhile, the green Pixel Buds A will use a much darker forest green, instead of the Quite Mint color of the 2020 model. Just like the white color, this dark green will be used on the inside of the charging bag, as well as the knobs’ inward-facing pieces such as earplugs and wings.

It is possible that these two colors are meant to match the color offerings of the infamous Pixel 5a – just like the Pixel 4 and 2020 Pixel Buds were both available in “Clearly White” and “Oh So Orange” – but so far the phone’s color options have not leaked.

Like both generations of Made by Google earbuds before them, Pixel Buds A will offer touch controls for both media controls and access to Google Assistant. The touch controls themselves should be almost identical, if not exactly the same as last year.

Prices for Pixel Buds A are currently unknown, but the “A” designation suggests that we can look at a cheaper set of Google earbuds, just as Pixel 4a is a reasonable alternative to Pixel 4. With the second-generation Pixel Buds Currently for $ 179, there is plenty of room for a less expensive set in the Made by Google series. That said, it is not clear what cuts Google can make to offer these knobs at a more affordable price point.

As for when these Pixel Buds A could be launched, the recently discovered FCC listings point to Google’s latest true wireless earbuds that are released somewhere in the middle of the year, rather than as part of the usual fall. Made from Google’s hardware launches. Google did not respond to our request for comment.

Between these new earbuds, the often-rumored “Pixel 5a”, and the mystery device – probably a new Nest camera – that recently went through the FCC, it seems that the Made by Google brand is building a strong selection of upcoming hardware launches. It remains to be seen whether they will all drop at once or be distributed regularly over the next few months, as the latest Nest Hub (2nd generation) and Nest Thermostat are launched.

Dylan Roussel and Abner Li contributed to this article

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