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Sony's Aibo is a stupid dog (so far …)

Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

When Aibo is on the hind legs, the tail is gone and soft, OLED-lit eyes roving, it's so good you forget it's going to do things. But after a while, the original charm of the design is wearing and you are stuck and ask what the robot this robot dog does.

In my experience of playing with it at a launch event for Aibo in the United States, the answer the boat is not doing much. A Sony rep pointed to the dog and encouraged to grow it. The dog's small eyes would close and the mouth lollipop open in a clear imitation of dog pleasure. But while it was obvious to react to the contact, the mechanical doggo did not seem to recognize me. Certainly not in the magical way I've experienced with Anki Cosmo and Vector robots. The Sony representative claimed that recognition would be possible when setting up your own pooch. The event was as follows: Lots of charming hinges followed by apologies for Aibo's inability to do something sophisticated.

A rope asked for a dog to shake, the dog continued to wander and twist his little plastic on his head and ignored the man's request. "He's a little young," shouted the rope.

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