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Sony will announce its next Xperia phone on April 14

Sony has in a very low-key way just announced that the upcoming Xperia event will be April 14 (via Droid Life). The news comes from the Xperia YouTube channel’s banner, where it is announced that there will be a new product announcement that will take place at 16.30 Japan Standard Time – it is at. 03:30 EST or at oil to watch live).

The banner gives no real clue as to what will be announced, but there have been some rumors floating around – one about a new flagship, the Xperia 1 III, and one about the return of the Xperia Compact, which could end up being an Android answer on iPhone Mini.

Image: Sony

It is worth noting that there are other rumors that mention new versions of Xperia 5 and 10, and omit the Compact altogether. But pretty much every rumor indicates that we will see a new entry in the flagship Xperia 1 line. Leaks indicate that 1 III will have a periscope zoom lens, and Techradar recently published what may be complete specifications. That’s pretty much what is expected of a flagship Android phone: Snapdragon 888, 12 GB of memory, 5G and a 4K 120Hz screen.

It’s probably a sure bet that if only one phone is announced (as indicated by the unique “product” in the picture from Sony), the Xperia 1 III will be that – the 1-line seems to be on an annual cycle. Compact is much more of a wildcard – the last time Sony released a “Compact” brand phone was in 2018, although it uses the word to promote the Xperia 5 II, with its 6.1-inch screen, which is about the same size. as an iPhone 12 Pro or Galaxy S21. Rumors of a 2021 version of the Compact say it will have a 5.5-inch screen, which is only slightly larger than the screen of an iPhone Mini.

It is rumored that both potential phones come with headphone jacks. As for what we actually want to see on the day, only time will tell – but fortunately there is not much of it left.

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