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Some Samsung Galaxy S20 series are dying for no apparent reason

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus front profile


  • Some Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus devices have serious display issues.
  • The screen of affected phones turns green and / or white, rendering the devices unusable.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series was one of the most functional phone families last year, and these devices are still quite good today. Unfortunately, some owners seem to be reporting a large screen defect.

Some Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus owners have gone to Samsung’s support forum, Reddit and other platforms to complain about screen flicker which eventually results in the entire screen turning green and / or white (h / h: Android Police). Check out a YouTube video from an affected consumer below.

The problem means that the phones effectively become useless, as owners can not figure out what is on the screen. Some affected users also noted that they have not dropped their phones, indicating that it is either a hardware failure or a software problem.

It also seems that a factory reset does not solve the problem, according to a user on the Samsung forum, with another claiming that they eventually had to have the screen replaced.

We have asked Samsung for comment regarding the issue, and will update the article if / when the company returns to us. Do you have a Galaxy S20 series that is affected by this issue? Let us know via the comments section below.

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