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Some of Hearthstone's Boomsday Project Cards needed Heavy Testing

Hearthstone Next Extension, The Boomsday Project, packs many new mechanics into its 135 new cards. Like all new extensions, it means that it goes through many game testing, but especially a card type needed more attention than most. The powerful spells "projects" were a particularly difficult card type for building and balancing.

Projects are spikes with symmetrical effects. Instead of just turning caster with a positive influence or opponent with a negative, it gives both players the same advantage. The idea is to build your tires to make sure that you make the most of the impact of your project, unlike your opponent who has not optimized your tires around it.

"I like to think about projects like some kind of science projects you did at school," says engineer Cat Morgan to GameSpot. "So, that's a team and of course a person always does the work, but you want the most benefit from the project, so you will get the good grade. When people play projects, they really need to think, "Am

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So far only two have been revealed. Druid's Biology Project, giving both players two Mana to the ramp up to the limit of 10 so much faster; and Warlock Demonic Project, which becomes a random minion in a demon. The latter is expected to be a combination switch to turn over tires like Shudderwock Shaman, which is dependent on one or two key boats to pull off.

"Druid does not have many ways to catch up when it's behind," says lead designer Mike Donais. "Biology project is certainly a risky card, but it accelerates a class that may benefit from the best because they have very expensive cards , such as Ultimate Infestation and Big Minions. But there will be some match-ups where the opponent also has very expensive cards and then they will definitely pay the costs here and they will be down on a card from playing the Biology Project. "

Donais continued:" The project cards, probably on all the different mechanics, We have recently hired another game test Keaton, or "Chakki" Keaton Gill. He helps us out there and it's been good . "

Not every class has its own project. Donais said that there would be about a steady split between projects and another new card type – Omega card that gives big effects if played after reaching 10 Mana.

Boomsday Project launches August 7th.

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