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Some 3D printed working copy of ‘The Simpsons’ purple TV

Finally, I answered the long-standing question, “why in the world would I want a 3D printer?”

; Brandon Withrow, who passes by ‘buba447‘on Reddit, has shared a video of what may be the biggest reason to learn how to use a 3D printer and a Raspberry Pi: a small copy of Simpson’s living room TV that plays episodes of Simpsons.

Withrow is currently working on a more complete guide to how anyone can build their own miniature Simpson TV copy, so if this seems like a must-have addition to your desktop, be patient until they share a more thorough breakdown. . But through Reddit, they have already posted the basic details of how this thing came together. The TV itself was designed and modeled uses Autodesk Fusion 360, while an Ender 3 Pro 3D printer was used to make all the plastic parts of the set.

Given Simpsons was not produced in HD and widescreen until season 20, Withrow managed to stick to a 4: 3 screen ratio given that they included only the first 11 seasons of the animated series. A 640×480 TFT screen is hidden behind a curved frame so that it looks like the bulging glass of an old-fashioned CRT, while a Raspberry Pi Zero is hidden inside with a 32 GB microSD used for media storage.

All the episodes from the first one 11 seasons were compressed to fit the size of the screen and the microSD card (animated series such as Simpsons compress to smaller file sizes very well). ONEWhen the TV is turned on by connecting it to a USB power source, an episode of random play and moves on to another random episode each time one is done. Pressing the top button on the small TV turns it off, but it remembers where you left off in an episode when you turned it on again (assuming you do not disconnect the power completely) while the other button is actually a disc connected to a potentiometer so you can turn up and down the volume by to twist it back and forth.

The building is reminiscent of Basic Fun! S collectible Tiny TV Classics which is a series of miniature TVs that play short clips from popular TV series and movies, but which have all the good seasons Simpsons on your desktop and easily accessible is a great upgrade. And provided that Withrow remains aware of where they are going to get all that Simpsons content in its upcoming construction guide, there is little reason for Disney to try to shut down this amazing creation.

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