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Snapchat introduces new selfie filters especially for cats – and they are so cute

In this day and age, we are all a bit obsessed with talking self-esteem.

Whether it's on a night out with friends or just because we bought a new highlight, we need to get the perfect shot to put on social media.

And an app that makes it easy to show everyone how well we see is Snapchat, which lets you use funny filters on your face, give you puppies, a flower crown or a nice hat.

If that was not enough, the company just launched a new set of filters, which means that your dear pet can now be involved in your own game.

Snapchat now has three filters especially for cats

As long as your pet is a cat that is.

Snapchat has introduced three lenses for cats, which means that the app can now detect feline faces while it has previously only been able to detect people.

The new filter includes glasses and flower crowns for your cat, unicorn horn and burning red devil horns and wings.

The company announced the new filters in a post on Twitter.

They said: "Lenses. For cool cats and their cool cats, try them mold."

Hundreds of people liked and shared the tweet, and many are quick to test the lenses for themselves.

A fan wrote: "The sun is shining. The sky is blue." Snapchat has filters tailored for you and your cat. TGIF, all. "

Another comment:" Snapchat: Try your cat. Was not disappointed. "

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" They have Snapchat filters for your cat now! HELL YEA, "leave a third.

But not everyone was impressed with the new filters, with many dog ​​owners quick to ask why they had not created new lenses for spoiled pooches.

Those who want to try the new blankets for cats can find them in the carousel together with the existing lenses for humans.

Users can distinguish the cat filters from the common ones by looking for a dummy icon on the lens icon.

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