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Sleep while Android downloads beta material you support – and Android 12 is not even yet

For many, Android 12 is Material You first and foremost, with all the other features and enhancements that play second fiddle to the new (and rather snazzy) dynamic theme and design language. Google is already updating some of its apps to take advantage of the new changes, but an enterprising developer has taken the partially paperless and non-final APIs into its own hands. Sleep as Android will soon release a beta version of the app with support for Android 12s Material You, and you can download it a few days early here.

Urbandroid, the developer behind Sleep as Android, is usually on the bleeding edge of Android’s software changes. The app is updated frequently to take advantage of new features when they land, and Google has even been known to make changes to Urbandroid̵

7;s input. So it’s not surprising to see the developer ahead of the curve in debuting material you support almost simultaneously with Google’s broader rollout of the feature in Android 12 Beta 3 just yesterday. However, the developer tells us that the new APIs are only partially documented and not yet final, which in practice means the app’s current Material You implementation may break or change before Android 12 is released to stable later this year.

But in the meantime, Sleep as Android’s new dynamic theme support is pretty hot and a decent model for other developers to look at when implementing their own support.

In the words of the developer, the new beta version of the app is about 99% material you designed, and utilizes more brightness and saturation of the accent color selected by the system based on your background – although it does not seem to support several different accent colors any material you use system bits . (There may be a limitation on the current unfinished APIs, for all I know)

The snazzy new dynamic theme ranges from charts and graphs in the different sections that use them, to the wheels that show the sleep scores and associated calculations, in both light and dark themes. Readability and ease of use are both maintained, and it’s almost as easy to analyze data in an instant, although some of the light theme columns can make it a a little difficult to read text. But this is still a beta, and even the screenshots above show some pieces of the app that have not fully received support for the new color scheme. Expect it to be adjusted at least a little over time.

Functionality in this latest version has not changed, as far as we can tell, but looks clear. This makes Sleep as Android one of the first third-party apps to gain support for Google’s new Material You dynamic theme, beating both the final release of the related API and the steady rollout of Android 12.

Urbandroid developer Petr Nalevka tells me that Google has also now made it possible to push apps targeted at Android 12 to the Play Store, so a beta version of these changes will run in the next few days. In the meantime, you can see the current release early by downloading it here (direct download warning).

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