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Slack for Android makes poor adjustments to alerts, font

More than ever in COVID’s time, Slack is a valuable tool for communication at work. As with any work tool, small changes usually do not go unnoticed when users add to the things they are used to. Therefore, some of the latest Slack updates, at least on Android, have been absolute torture, because subtle adjustments of fonts, spacing and alerts leave us scratching our heads.

Rolled out in late January, Slack for Android made a very annoying font change and more specifically the spacing between lines and words. In older versions of the app, Slack had spaces between different messages mostly uniform, and kept the information fairly tight. After pressing a later update, the distance changed, which made the size of the sender̵

7;s name larger and pushed the message itself a little closer to it. After the first message and subsequent messages left an abnormally larger gap between.

It is certainly a minor adjustment, but one that did not go unnoticed. On a Twitter thread, some users asked for the change to be rolled back or at least be optional, but Slack confirmed that it was not an optional change. They accepted feedback, but it does not appear that anything is changing. After a couple of weeks, it still annoys me every day, and when we look at the comparison below, our own Abner Li aptly called it “density hell”, as it literally cuts off two messages on my Fold 2.

Slack v20 compared to Slack v21

Unfortunately, however, it does not appear that Slack’s journey to destroy his own Android app ends there. Today, a new update is rolling out to users, changing the design of alerts. Previously, incoming notifications showed the room first and messages below with the sender’s profile picture to the right.

Slack now displays alerts on Android with general icons for room types on the left, grouping profile pictures for DMs, with message content outside on the right with completely different layouts for the user’s name and messages. It’s quite a jarring change.

It is worth noting that the change to alert design is currently limited to the beta channel, but there is no reason to believe that it will not reach the general release track in the near future. This is not how they seem to listen to feedback anyway.

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