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Slack Connect now allows you DM people outside your work bubble

There is a good chance that you will continue to work from home for at least part of the time even after the pandemic subsides, and Slack will make the new lifestyle easier. It just launched the long-promised Slack Connect feature that lets you send messages to anyone, not just the people in your company or team. Send an invitation, and you can start a secure conversation with an important customer or partner without having to resort to back and forth email threads.

Up to 20 companies can talk to each other. You can already use a handful of apps designed for Connect, such as a planner (Calendly), document signer (DocuSign) and account mapper (Crossbeam).

Connect is now available for paid Slack plans, and will eventually be expanded to free users. However, you will have to wait for some features. Additional anti-phishing measures will come later in the spring, while custom guidelines and a programming set will not come until the summer. The option of building a full-fledged business network will have to wait until winter.

Nevertheless, Connect is already a significant change for Slack. It can be less of an internal tool and more of a social glue that connects companies and replaces existing formats in some cases, including email. This in turn can push out Microsoft Teams and other messaging systems in the workplace that are fighting for your attention.

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