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Skyward Sword HD Video Review

Nearly a decade after its original Wii debut, Nintendo was launched The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the switch. And let’s be honest: Skyward sword was not best received Zelda title ever. Although it charmed most of the media, many fans regretted their linearity and questionable controls. Honestly, it was not many people’s favorite. Nintendo took the hint, and renewed almost everything for the 2017s Breath of the Wild.

But in a way it does Skyward Sword HD more interesting than ever. Nintendo gives us a rare opportunity to check out a tweaked, remastered version of what can be called the ultimate expression of where the series was headed before the recent price correction. To return to this adventure via the noticeably improved Skyward Sword HD is a fun way to get a better understanding of where The The legend of Zelda ended up 1

0 years ago and why Breath of the Wild grew to the revolutionary, radically free form adventure it became.

As you might expect, Nintendo has repackaged the 16th mainline in Zelda history in HD resolution, 60 bps style. I could not have been more excited to play it on a current console. Even though I’m one Zelda fan, I did not choose up originowl Skyward sword when it first appeared on the Wii. The true reason seems to be escaping me at the moment, but I can not help believing that it was because of the movement controls.

Luckily one of Skyward Sword HD‘s best in addition to quality of life is a new control program that only provides the gamepad that gives waggel skeptics the ability to control the game like all previous chapters in the saga.

Watch the video above to hear, from this former motion control hater, why I think Skyward Sword HD should not be skipped. Sfind out in the comments with your thoughts. But I hope we all agree that this chance to go back to a little controversial Zelda on a modern machine should not be skipped.

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