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Sketchy rumor suggests that the second generation AirPods Pro may come in two sizes

A new sketchy rumor based on some pictures of what could be new hardware for the next generation AirPods Pro has emerged. The speculation about two sizes for AirPods Pro 2 comes from Mr white. He does not have a very reliable track record, but has had access to unreleased Apple hardware and predicted some things correctly in the past.

Reputable 2nd generation AirPods Pro hardware

Mr white shows off what he says are AirPods Pro components here, and the cable length is especially different between the two components on the left that may be for second generation AirPods Pro. The two on the right that are about the same size appear to be the same components from the existing AirPods Pro.

Mr White does not sound so convinced himself, but offers speculation that the new AirPods Pro may come in two sizes. He also includes a picture showing the chip used as W2.

Bloomberg shared a report back in October that said Apple “aims”

; to make new AirPods Pro smaller by removing the stem and going for a more rounded shape and better fit. However, we have not heard other reports about those coming in two sizes until now.

AirPods Pro 2 options

One possibility here is that Mr white got his hands on prototype hardware that does not necessarily come into production. Bloomberg warned that Apple could go for a “less ambitious” design than they hope for the AirPods Pro 2 due to the difficulty of packing antennas, ANC, microphones, etc. in a more compact form factor.

And with the AirPods Pro already coming with earplugs in several sizes and an ear fitting, it is unclear how two sizes of the next generation AirPods Pro will be valuable. But there is always the chance outside there is something with Mr White’s idea.

Another possibility is that the hardware in different sizes may be for the newly designed AirPods 3 and the potentially smaller AirPods Pro 2.

For the W2 chip, the AirPods Pro (AirPods and AirPods Max) uses the H1 chip, which is the successor to the W1 chip used in older AirPods. We have not seen a W2 chip yet, so it may be that Mr White predicts the next generation AirPods Pro stick with H1 based on his comment “Still W2 Chips.”

AirPods Pro 2 in black?

Another interesting treat is Mr White’s answer to a question about the AirPods Pro 2 coming in black. Again, this is probably just speculation, but certainly something that many are interested in. Mr White has not elaborated on why he thinks black is not good for AirPods.

It is wise to take this speculation from Mr White with a grain of salt. He definitely has a messy story. For example, he got his hands on Apple’s 20W power adapter before it was launched this year, but mistakenly predicted that it would come with the iPhone 12. Of course, we now know that Apple stopped including a power adapter altogether and sells the new 20W model separately.

Mr white along with others also shared photos of an unreleased braided zipper cable that someone thought could come with the iPhone 12. It did not start, at least not yet.

Apple’s next generation AirPods and AirPods Pro are expected to debut in 2021. Stay up to date on everything we know about AirPods with our guide here.

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