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Skate 4 will not be on EA Play 2021

Skateboarding for men in Skate 3.

Screenshot: EA

EA announced today that the next Skate The game, which is currently under development, will not be shown during EA Play 2021 on July 22. It’s another game to add to the growing list of “Stuff That Won’t Be At EA Play 2021.”

The next Skate The game, which does not have an official name yet, is in an early stage of development to appear to the world, according to a tweet posted on the official EA Skate Twitter account. In the message, the devs behind the game explained it they formed a new studio in January and hired a bunch of “super-talented people” to help make the game. SinThen the studio has worked hard on the next one Skate game. But the team and the game are not ready for “prime time” yet, and will skip EA Play 2021 on Thursday.

“It’s still early and we’re committed to doing this thing right, which means it’s going to take some time,” EA and devs explained in the tweet announcing the absence.

However, some good news: While the next Skate skipping the upcoming event, devs promise that a “little” will be shared with fans tomorrow, July 19th. Most likely a teaser, possibly revealing the name of the game. That would be nice, it would mean I could stop calling it “The Next Skate Game ”and start calling it Skate 4 or whatever.

This new Skate The game was first announced in June 2020 with a very short video and no other details. Fans had long wanted a new one Skate game and have been asking for it for years. The last game in the series, Skate 3, was released back in 2010.

This latest confirmation of another game skipping EA Play 2021 makes me wonder what’s going on at the event. Bioware confirmed that there will be none Mass effect or dragon age news on EA Play and EA also did not confirm any new Star Wars games will be revealed rather. Report earlier this month has apparently revealed that a new one Dead Space the game, developed by EA Motive, will be on EA Play 2021.

Beyond that? Seems like a safe bet more Battlefield 2042 news will be shared during the event. And who knows, maybe some new games too. EA Play 2021 takes place on July 22nd.


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