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Simple Trick makes Samsung’s user interface 3.1 feel faster

During a review of the Galaxy S21

where I explained why I would not stick with Samsung’s latest phone in the future and instead would go back to the Pixel 5, I pointed out that one of the little things that annoyed me was the removal of an animation feature in One UI 3.1 . In particular, there was the “Reduce animations” option in the Advanced Features section of Samsung’s One UI, an option that had been there for a couple of releases and has now just been removed.

For those unfamiliar with the option, just understand that it was a simple switch in an easily accessible area that toned down One UI’s exaggerated animations. I loved it because it was as if Samsung realized how overboard animation scaling was in their software and made it very easy to call things back.

Many were quick to point out in that article that there are alternative options to this, including a “Remove Animations” in Accessibility, as well as window scale adjustments that can be made in developer options. I’ve been well aware of both for years, but the reason for the complaint was that Samsung took away a simple solution while going nuts with transitions in One UI 3.1, especially in the alert shadow, where it feels like it takes a full 5 seconds to swipe down to complete and view pending alerts.

So because I want you all to be able to drop the transition and animation times, we should make sure everyone knows about changes in animation scaling. Seriously, your Samsung Galaxy phone will instantly feel faster in almost everything you do when you adjust this setting. And since the Galaxy S21, as well as the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Fold 2, now run One UI 3.1, this affects many of you.

Speed ​​up the Galaxy S21, S20, Note 20

  1. Go to Settings> About phone> Software information
  2. Find the building number and press it repeatedly until it says “Developer mode is on” at the bottom of the screen. You should see a countdown when this happens.
  3. Back up two monitors in Settings, and you should see “Developer Options” as a new option under “About Phone.”
  4. Press developer options and scroll down until you find options that are highlighted: Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.
  5. They should all have an animation scale of 1x, so you will reduce by pressing each and selecting a new scale. For me, I change all three to 0.5x.
  6. You can switch to “Animation off”, but I always feel that your eyes need some animation or it can be a bit shocking to navigate on a device. If there are no animations at all, things happen almost too fast.
  7. And that’s it!

Get up to speed on the Galaxy S21

If you complete the short set of instructions, the phone will feel faster when you open a folder, leave an app and yes, swipe down in the notification area. The most important setting there is the “Duration scale of the animator”, if you set it up to 2x or higher, you will notice how slow things happen. Then again, drop it to .5x or lower and everything will open and close without waiting.

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