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Silent Hills: P.T. fans release remake for PC

You can now play P.T. on the PC. Fans reminded Konami's "playable teaser" for Silent Hills using the Unreal Engine toolkit and released it for free. You can download Unreal PT on Itch.io here.

P.T. is known for a couple of reasons. It's one of the foamest gaming experiences ever, nor can you download it from PlayStation Network. It originally debuted in August 2014 as a free download exclusively on PlayStation 4. But having cut ties with Silent Hills director Hideo Kojima and retiring from the traditional console gaming site, Konami ended the game. As part of this cancellation, the publisher withdrew P.T. from PSN in April 201


The only way to play P.T. since the removal is starting up on a system that has already downloaded and installed the game. If you do not have access to a PS4 with the game, you have not been able to get the spooky P.T. experience. But now fans have directed it.

P.T. is back

Unreal PT restores details of the original, which is just a bending hallway with bathroom and a small foyer. You would play by going through the hallway and entering the door at the other end. But passing that threshold just takes you back to the beginning of time. Kojima and his team would use this repetition to make room feel familiar, and then it would use this knowledge to devour surprises on you.

It was efficient and frightening and worth experiencing.

Unreal NPT includes all the play elements of the original. However, it does not include the large teaser trailer revealing at the end. To see it, you need to jump on YouTube.

This version adds VR support – even if it doesn't work yet. It is possible that the fan layer that made this could update it to fix it. Of course, it is also possible that Konami's lawyers come with a DMCA faster than that.

If you want to play Unreal PT, download it now. Keep it safe. Keep it secret.

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