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Shiro Tokisada Amakusa’s game trailer released for Samurai Shodown

Just one to go

When Samurai Shodown’s reboot was launched two years ago, I’m not sure how many would have expected the game to receive as much support in terms of the three DLC seasons plus the bonus characters on top of it.

We may be nearing the end of the journey, but SNK finally reveals the game trailer for the classic villain who returns as the penultimate character of season 3, Shiro Tokisada Amakusa.

Amakusa first appeared in the original SamSho in 1

993 and was included in pretty much every major title released afterwards.

His popularity makes it quite surprising that he would return from the grave again to fight, although it may not exactly fit well with the reboot cannon since this game takes place before the events of the original.

As one could probably predict, Amakusa is still struggling with his magically enhanced bullet that he can send flying across the screen.

This of course makes him perfectly suited to play the zone game, especially with his Holy Spirit Slicer fireball (or whatever they want to call it now), although he can also immediately close the distance with his special command line.

Overall, it seems that the original final boss in the series keeps pretty much everything from the previous listings, with some features receiving a speed boost to make them more viable on top of some new options.

Only the Guilty Gear representative remains to be announced for SamSho as the final member of Season 3, which could very well mark the end of official support for the game with The King of Fighters 15 looming on the horizon.

Amakusa releases June 14 with a brand new Steam release for Samurai Shodown, which fans have been asking for since before the game was launched. You can check out the trailer for the fan-favorite villain below.

Amakusa trailer image # 1

Amakusa trailer image # 2

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