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Shin Megami Tensei V News Vol. 1 introduces new characters, Magatsuhi Skills

Atlus introduced new characters and “Magatsuhi Skills” combat feature for Shin Megami Tensei V during the first volume of its Shin Megami Tensei V News program.


Hi, it’s time Shin Megami Tensei V News. This show from Atlus will provide information about Shin Megami Tensei V, comes exclusively on the Nintendo Switch November 11, 2021. I’m your host, Chiaki Matsuzawa.

Here’s today Shin Megami Tensei V News topics.

  1. New characters
  2. Combat features

Let’s start the show.

New characters

Have you had the chance to catch the latest trailer that was released last week? For this first segment, we will introduce the new characters who made an appearance.


7;s take a look.

  • Tao Isonokami (pronounced by Saori Hayami) – “So how about we all go home together?” The main character’s classmate. A third-year student who is a member of the lacrosse club. “I have had spiritual strength ever since I was a child. Everyone at Bethel calls me a saint. “She is caring and kind-hearted. “I’ve just had these weird dreams lately.” She has had a sixth sense since she was little. She assists Bethel’s Japanese branch and supports the main character and his friends as they join Bethel. “I still hear this distant voice. As if someone is remotely shouting at me. ”
  • Yuzuru Atsuta (pronounced by Kaito Ishikawa) – A friend of the main character who is responsible, skilled and assertive. “Hey, are you going back alone? You should join us. He is a principled and upright young man, and fights with Bethel in a temporary unit to protect his sister Miyazu. “We are the only family we have. I do not think it’s so strange to look after my little sister. “By walking into Da’at with the main character, he gains additional abilities, and recently swears to fight to protect peace in Tokyo. – What could possibly have happened to Tokyo while we were in that tunnel?
  • Ichiro Dazai (pronounced by Kishou Taniyama) – The main character’s classmate. A cheerful guy, although he can be gauche at times. “OK, so word on the street is that a bunch of monsters have been seen hanging around this tunnel!” As he livestreams, he also becomes involved in the Takanawa Tunnel collapsing event and wanders into Da’at. “Yow! Sheesh, the ceiling is pretty low … Pretty dark in here too. Looks dangerous. He embraces Bethel’s call to action and swears to fight the demons, hoping to prove his worth to a noble cause. – Look, I’m useless at school … And I always make problems for other people. “But even a guy like me wants to be someone people can turn to!” “Oh, hey … hey.”
  • Miyazu Atsuta (pronounced by Ryou Hirohashi) – Yuzuru’s little sister and only living family member. “Do you mind checking my brother?” Shy and reserved, she is often seen visiting the nursing office. When Jouin High School is attacked by demons, she is also captured by the chaos. “I know he’s always watching over me, but … I’m worried about him too.”
  • Hayao Koshimizu (pronounced by Kenjiro Tsuda) – Prime Minister of Japan, head of the Bethel Japan branch. The Prime Minister of Japan and Bethel’s Chief Representative for the Japanese Branch. “My name is Koshimizu. I have the responsibility here in addition to being the Prime Minister of Japan. “Calm, collected and strategic …” Sorry for dragging you into this. ” … he offers the demon-calling program to Ichiro and friends and asks them to help Bethel. “Thank you. I admire your courage.”

The main character gains new, supernatural powers after wandering into Da’at. When he returned safely to Tokyo, he joined Bethel, an elite organization dedicated to fighting demons, and swore to protect Tokyo with his classmates.

However, a band of demons suddenly attacks their academy. Will the main character and his friends be able to protect other students? And what is the motive behind the legendary demon waking up in Da’at, the “other” Tokyo?

You just saw the introduction of the new characters. It is exciting to imagine what story will eventually unfold from this cast.

Match Features: Magatsuhi Skills

Then we will introduce new combat features. Let’s take a look.

During the Press Turn Battles, your actions will gradually fill up the Magatsuhi Gauge. When you are drunk, you can activate special moves called Magatsuhi Skills. These can unleash powerful attacks that inflict enormous damage, as well as various support and healing skills. However, enemies can use these as well, so be careful. By strategically using these skills to your advantage, you are sure to enjoy an even wider range of tactical games.

You just saw the last match feature: Magatsuhi Skills. It seems that we may enjoy a Press Turn Battle system that has evolved even further.

Uses questions

PSA: We always accept messages from our viewers. We have highlighted some of them below. For this next segment I will read one aloud. We received the following message from @Mixbus:

Congratulations on the upcoming launch of the game. I had a question, but will there be downloadable content maps to earn Macca and EXP, as it was for Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster? ”

Yes, I’m happy to say we’re planning to prepare these. Stay tuned for more info.

Tweet your questions with the hashtag # AskSMT5. Also keep sending messages and questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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And now we would like to share some related news. Let’s take a look.

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That concludes our related announcements.


It’s now time to say goodbye.

All the information we shared today will be updated on our official website. Remember to check it out, along with our latest trailer.

Here on Shin Megami Tensei V News, we periodically plan to provide the latest information about the game. The next program is scheduled for the end of August. We’ll see you again then.

Until then!

Shin Megami Tensei V going out to Switch November 11 in Japan and November 12 worldwide. Read more about the game here. Watch the latest trailer here.

See the full program below.

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