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Shelby Ford F-150 roars in with 775 hp and off-road improvements



Make room for another super pickup: 2021 Shelby Ford F-150. Shelby American on Thursday unveiled the new truck, which will rock the streets and trails with up to 775 horsepower and some upgraded equipment for the undefeated trail. Essentially, this is Shelby throwing his tuning ability on the latest iteration of the standard Ford F-1

50. It’s not bad.

The core of the new F-150 remains, with a more premium interior and extra technology, as the possibility of over-the-air updates. However, Shelby’s mind provides an optional compressor set to increase the 395 horsepower V8 engine to 775 hp, if buyers want it. Let’s face it, if you’re looking at a Shelby, you’ll more than likely want the compressor kit.

A unique Shelby F-150 raised suspension set ensures that an enormous amount of power easily reaches the pavement or dirt. In particular, the truck includes Fox Raptor-style shocks with internal bypass technology and adjustable speed control. Owners can set the suspension for primary tasks on the road, mountain insects or good oil fashion off-roading.

Shelby graphics inside and out, two-tone leather seats and official Shelby serial numbers also come with the package. A Shelby grill, hood and iconic stripes help the truck stand out more and look like part of a muscle car.

Those who need to put one in their garage can buy a Shelby F-150 through selected Ford and Tuscany dealers. Pick-up rates start at $ 107,080 before other fees.

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