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Seven cars that made the 2018 LA Auto a big deal

The Los Angeles Auto Show in 2018 ended up having a pretty sweet combination of tempting future technology, good old-fashioned "Murican iron and some things that were a bit of both." Not to mention a healthy dose of practical cars that do not suck. Here is an overview of what to get excited about.

Jeep Gladiator

Photo: David Tracy (Jalopnik)

The Jeep truck is finally real and that's exactly what everyone wants: just one straight up Wrangler pulls a pickup bed. The brochure advertises "100 percent Jeep, 100 percent truck." Exactly, just a little on the nose.

"It sounds like a goofy catchphrase, but it was actually a significant technical challenge," said my Jalopnik colleague David Tracy told me about the afternoon after the first day of the LA Auto Show.

David, as usual readers want to know, are tragically dependent on Jeeps and had an important role in developing the cooling system of the current Wrangler in his previous job at Fiat Chrysler Aut omobiles. He went to work with us before the development of the gladiator was near completion, but recalled that he was working on the project thinking like "this is going to be a jeep, or is it going to be a truck?"

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A jeep needs to be on its way, and a truck has to drag and drop. In particular, suspension and cooling systems, these specials can be difficult to reconcile. Especially when engineers are forced to work within the limits of Jeep's famous seven-slat grids.

David was very impressed with the 7.650 pound rope rating Jeep managed to squeeze out of this thing and that's me. I mean it's a car on a U-Haul trailer!

In terms of terrain capacity, the long rear suspension and Ram 1500-esque rear suspension mean that the Gladiator will not be able to just give the mountain as well as the standard Wrangler. But it still has solid shafts, a transfer bag and optional locking differentials. I have the feeling that it will be able to roll over a Colorado ZR2 or Tacoma TRD Pro right away.

Everyone on the net (including us) has been spiritually pronounced at incredible in rivian R1T and its three seconds 0 to 60 time, endless storage cubbies and the fact that " The production version will look like this! "

I think this might end up being the most Instagram of the car of the show, since it looks like an Apple product, which generally means it will be interesting for the non-car enthusiast audience.

As a parish of the cult of all that's crusty and rusty, the Rivian pictures and the press release made me quite skeptical. But the car looks quite striking. The square is extremely well utilized, inside and out, and all the pedestrian is affordable to handle. When it comes to $ 60,000-something after the discount price, there's a large number, but it's right in the same neighborhood of what you want to pay for a loaded F-150, Silverado or Ram.

However, I would recommend that you keep a little skepticism as far as the "production version" and whether such a thing will ever exist or not. The Rivian representatives I spoke at at the company fair could tell me exactly where the truck is slow to be manufactured, but it seems like distribution and the service is still "prepared." That does not mean it's not going to happen, but

Honda Talon

Photo: Andrew P. Collins (Jalopnik)

The last time I was in a UTV, it ruined my life. As a result, my relationship with cars is complicated. The combination of low weight, lean track and much power is inherently dangerous, but I still can not deny that UTV's packages provide uncontrollable offroad performance for what they cost.

Honda has done this type of buggy for working for many years, but Talon is the first UTV it has built for straight up thrashing since single seat off-road walking carts were one thing.

Talon looks very well made, but the killer app will be paddle-switched dual link transfer. It's a distinctive feature of Polaris RZR and Can-Am Maverick (using CVT belts) and Yamaha YXZ (with its three pedal sequential manual) that could potentially make this Honda the fun UTV to almost kill yourself and a friend in.

Cadillac CT6-V

Photo: Andrew P. Collins (Jalopnik)

The CT6-V is brand new and already belongs to a museum. So I guess it's right that Cadillac shows it to the side of its fair at the LA Auto Show, with its engine on a pedestal as an object.

As a huge and powerful American luxury truck with limited production, the CT6-V is just the kind of thing that enthusiasts go on and do not buy. As my friend Chris Perkins at Road & Track rated: This V8-powered monolith is a future classic.

Lincoln Aviator

Photo: David Tracy (Jalopnik)

I almost did not care for this car, the last thing I had heard was Lincoln Aviator a Ford Explorer rebadged into a little bitty Lincoln Navigator. I had not seen one this year and I'm pretty sure that the handful original that's not in junkyards now is cowering in buy-here-pay-here a lot.

But the new Aviator is no less than ravishing.

With sharp headlights, a royal grill, ornate hot sculptures and a very slim profile, Aviator offers a wide range of Range Rover Velar with the few best items in the strange little transitions. Lincoln has been looking for the last few years. I really enjoyed it as soon as I saw it personally and then I opened the door. And then I fell in love.

The aviator's interior design is simple, but obviously well thought out. Apart from the speaker and seat control area in the upper corners of the doors, which looks like a Mercedes S-class, does the Aviator's cockpit look original and I will be accused of copying / limiting from the press release if I call it "timeless?" [Yes. -ed.]

I'm not sure if the giant blackboard climbed on the dashboard, but I'm really keen to drive this thing and I have not even bothered to recite the power figures. Mazda 3

Mazda 3 has been driving car journalists for many years because it's a great value, fun driving, all-mobility and because it's so bad to decide if we're going to type "Mazda 3," "Mazda3", or it's technically correct "Mazda Mazda3." Ugh.

While retaining one of the worst names in the automotive industry in 2019, it also goes from "nice look" to two simply devastating beautiful. The wide mouth is brilliant, the lines are all very clean, and the back looks like a freaking Ferrari. The backlight circles, in my opinion, completes it perfectly. and inside, Mazda designers have early discovered how to reconcile a prominent infotainment display with a smoothly floating dashboard.

I am very nervous about the possibility of Mazda refusing to take care of manual gearbox with good engine and top trim level, but at this point it may go anyway. The company is tight on packaging.

It seems that Mazda 3 will still be a solid option if you want a car that is convenient, stylish and decent to drive.

Porsche 911

Photo: David Tracy (Jalopnik)

Porsche has sincerely revised the design of everyone's favorite rear-wheeled car. As it looks subtle and smooth, it costs a fortune and will be extremely fast.

I noticed that, from the driver's seat, 2020 911 seems to feel much bigger than the outgoing car. But with the exception of the new PDK transmission console switch, which strangely looks like a missile switch, the interior feels generally sleek and tidy.

Honestly, it can be difficult to get excited about these when you live in Los Angeles and they are as popular as Camrys. But for those who are, you can rest assured that there will be an endless option catalog of watches and power levels and sewing colors for obsession.

I've spent most of my car journalist and career as dreading going to fairs, but this year I've kicked up the LA event. It may be partly because I spent the last three months on my couch. whatever. If you are in cars and you are going to be in Los Angeles for next week, you should come through the show and soak up any of these vehicles personally.

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