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See $ 1.25 million, 1200 HP Drako GTE put to the test on a frozen lake

The all-electric Drako GTE has an elegant look, and according to the company behind it, it will also offer tremendous performance. It also looks quite graceful when driving on ice.

These two videos feature racing drivers Andy Pilgrim and David Hackl testing the car both on the Winter Performance Track in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and across Georgetown Lake, also in Colorado. Although we do not hear what the two drivers think about the Drako GTE, we get some glamorous images of the all-electric Grand Tourer.

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.2 Million Drako GTE

From the outside, GTE looks like a bespoke creation, but in fact it is based on Fisker Karma. At a cost of $ 1.25 million, many would expect a hypercar built from scratch, not one based on an existing vehicle.

For what it’s worth, GTE has powertrain technology that is different from Karma. This includes a bespoke 90 kWh battery pack incorporated into the floor, as well as four electric motors that together produce 1,200 hp and 6,491 lb-ft (8,800 Nm) of wheel torque. These are some very impressive numbers, and according to the company, let the vehicle hit 60 km / h (96 km / h) in around 2 seconds, as well as a top speed of 206 km / h (332 km / h).

Drako had planned to start customer deliveries of GTE last year, but this has since pushed back to 2021.

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