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Secret Octane buff confirmed in Apex Legends that Respawn did not announce

Apex Legends players have finally proven that the long-speculated buffet for Octane’s health charge is real, and works a little faster than reported.

Back in season 1, Octane was the first new legend to be added to Apex Legends outside of the original cast.

The quick daredevil was used by many players at once, when they tried to get hold of him, but he slowly faded down the popularity rankings as more legends were added.

In season 7, Respawn finally gave Octane some long-awaited changes, making him a popular legend again, as players use his speed to dive first in matches.

Octane Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

Octane was added to Apex Legends way back in March 2019.

The main change made to Octane, came to his stimulation ability, doubling the healing rate from 0.5 HP per second to 1 HP per second. However, players have long believed that this is wrong.

Some have pointed out that they heal faster than that, but Respawn has never made an attempt to clarify things, and they said that there is still 1 HP per second in the patch notes of Chaos Theory.

Well, after some testing, Redditor guntassingh26 showed that these theories are actually correct and the daredevil restores health of around 1.5 hp per second instead.

Octane got a secret buff? Dev is never mentioned about this buff !! Let’s find out !! from apexlegends

With their theory proven correct, the players quickly encouraged the devs to clarify things, and maybe even close the legend because of the mistake.

Others suggested that it might even have slipped under Respawn’s radar, and that they simply missed it when they made the change.

It remains to be seen if the devs will do anything as a result, either in the way of annoying the legend or clearing up what his charging speed really should be.

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