Facebook has experimented with (and then back) changes to the Messenger user interface in recent months. Everything during this test was the most vocal demand we have seen from our own readers, a dark mode to better complement the dazzling white design. Now, according to the famed social app teardown expert Jane Manchun Wong Facebook Messenger finally begins to test a dark mode ̵

1; but only in some countries, and it's still incomplete.

We know not the list of supported countries, so YMMV. As far as we can tell in our own testing, the US is not included. Therefore, we are not quite sure what it looks like.

If you are in a supported country, based on the Wong screen, a new "Dark Mode" setting should appear in the "Me" section of the app. A warning indicating that the new dark mode is still a work in progress is also displayed – but it is not immediately clear whether this message is displayed when you change the setting or when you load the part containing it.

Warning Screen

If you are in one of the supported countries and you decide to turn the switch, be careful at night as the incomplete dark mode implementation may unexpectedly blind you.

The new mode looks like you suppose you expect to replace all the strong and bright white backgrounds with black and invert black and white text to match. The column bar and some other rounded UI elements remain gray but darker. Based on the screens shown, in some points some parts of the interface remain white.

Collapse the new dark mode from different locations in the app on @wongmjane .

Although the new dark mode may still be in testing, it seems that Facebook is quite far along with it. Hopefully it will come down to everyone else soon.