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Save on a new iPhone XS, Fitbit wearable, and other useful tech

The new iPhone XS and XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4 have found the way to many headlines this week. That's because they are all available now for pre-order. A few retailers and providers offer some special deals related to pre-ordering a new Apple phone, but otherwise this week's best deals are a smattering of tech and home products that are discounted enough to be worth checking out.

Sam's Club offers $ 100 gift cards to members pre-ordering before September 16th, and then activate an iPhone XS or XS Max with a 24 month contract for purchase before September 23th.

AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile offer $ 700 back in billing credits when their respective customers purchase two iPhone XS or XS Max phones through their service. Each of them requires a new line to open to take advantage of the campaign.

  GameStop Image

If you are a GameStop Pro member, you want to check out GameStops Pro Day Sale, today is only Saturday, September 15th. You will be able to purchase such as Burnout Paradise Remastered for $ 14.99 (usually $ 29.99,) Madden 19, or God of War for $ 39.99 (usually $ 59.99 each). GameStop will also offer increased incoming credit for consoles, games and accessories to name a few of the campaigns.

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