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Satechi launches new folding stand and hub for iPad

Satechi today announced the launch of the Aluminum Stand & Hub for iPad, which is designed to combine the portability of a tablet with the features of a desktop in a unique collapsible form factor.

satechi ipad stand 1
There are six ports available in Aluminum Stand & Hub, including a 4K HDMI port that supports up to 60Hz, a USB-C PD charging port, a USB-A data port, an SD card reader, a micro SD card reader and an audio connector .

Aluminum Stand & Hub is meant to lift the iPad Pro off a desk and turn it into a functional workstation with multiple viewing options. Attached to the stand, ‌iPad‌ can be used as a main screen, secondary screen, cartoon or hub for FaceTiming friends and family.

satechi ipad stand 2

Like all Satechi products, Aluminum Stand & Hub has an aluminum design designed to match aluminum from Apple devices for a streamlined desktop look. When not in use, it can be folded for storage or transport.

Aluminum Stand & Hub for ‌iPad‌ can be purchased from the Satechi website or from Amazon.com for $ 99.99. Those who buy directly from Satechi can get a 20 percent discount through June 6 by using the promotional code IPADPRO at checkout.

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