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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 supports the S Pen Pro Stylus

A picture of the free-standing pen S Pen laid over a green marble roller coaster

S Pen Pro is the adult sequel to S Pen and includes support for Galaxy Z Fold 3.
Photo: Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo

If you were a fan of Samsung’s Galaxy Note with phablet size, you can be easy to know at least companion pen will remain available to other devices. Samsung’s most tablet-like phone may not appear this summer at the company’s upcoming Unpacked event, but one FCC filing indicates that the best accessory will be.

The S Pen Pro, which Samsung announced at the beginning of the year, is apparently a more pen-like variant of the S Pen and not a small pen that fits on the side of a device. S Pen Pro is expected to work with unannounced Galaxy Z Fold 3, is rumored to be the next model in Samsung’s collapsible series.

The FCC record contains a copy of what is likely to be outer label by S Pen Pro. This indicates that the pen will be compatible with any Samsung smartphone, tablet or PC that already supports the S Pen. Air Actions, which lets you wave the stylus around like a stick to take pictures and program other shortcuts, will only be available on devices that support One UI 3.1 or later.

Samsung aims to expand by using its most powerful weapon: the peripheral. The ability to buy the pen from the shelf and making it work with any Samsung device gives the company’s products more appeal, especially for Android users. By comparison, Google’s current stylus-supported products are either third-party or via a convertible laptop via the Chrome OS platform. And Apple’s stylus only works with iPads, not iPhones.

It is also no surprise that this coincides with the launch of the next collapsible product by Samsung. The company was one of the first out of the gate in the US to bring foldable smartphones at a consumer-friendly level. They still have to sell the rest of us on tools. Why not sell an accessory along with an ideal use? After all, the Galaxy Z Fold is a smartphone that can be opened in a tablet. It mainly melts the Galaxy Note smartphone and a Galaxy Tab S tablet.

Samsung has made no secret of plans to expand S Pen support outside of the Note smartphone. We expect to hear more at the upcoming Unpacked event. The date remains unannounced, although some rumors have it that it will take place August 11th. We expect to see at least one new smartphone from Samsung, plus more information on how the company will build on Google Use OS smartwatch platform with its twist. We may see upgraded accessories as Galaxy Buds and maybe even one new tablet to demonstrate the new S Pen Pro.

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