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Samsung’s alleged new virtual assistant is inspiring tons of Cosplay

Samsung’s alleged design for a new virtual assistant has already inspired tons of cosplay! A company known as Lightfarm Studios quickly caught the attention of fans as they unveiled a series of designs for a potential new virtual assistant for Samsung Galaxy products that could replace Bixby. Although there had been no official announcement of the case, and Lightfarm Studios even deleted the post that shared the designs, they were up long enough to trigger fans with all sorts of new ideas. It was especially prominent among anime fans because of this new assistant’s anime-like design.

The new alleged design has not yet been confirmed in any way (with some reports that the design had even been rejected by Samsung), but with the Internet, nothing has gone long. The opposite is true as well as this new assistant, Sam, was long enough to inspire all sorts of fun new takes through cosplay that brings her into the real world.

Read on to see some of the fun artists who have brought Samsung̵

7;s potential new virtual assistant to life through cosplay, and tell us your thoughts! Do you want to see this design (or something similar) become a reality in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Complete with Samsung phone

This one from @ lilya0o on Instagram goes the extra mile with an actual Samsung phone!

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Ready to help!

This one from @ n.mirikashi on Instagram comes with a full Samsung uniform!

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Rockin ‘With Samsung!

A rockin ‘take on this virtual assistant from @rottenpapi on Instagram!

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A full introduction

Here is a full introduction to “Sam” from @akina_sakura on Instagram!

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A fantastic look after “Sam”!

Here is a fantastic take on Sam from @mahouvee on Instagram!

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Going the Extra Mile for Sam!

This amazing photo taken by @ candylion.cos on Instagram really goes the extra mile!

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Fully animated

This takes on Sam from @onisuna on Instagram is fully animated!

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Nailed That Stare!

This takes the character from @miruqi on Instagram nails staring!

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They really knew what they were doing …

@kaylaynokay on Instagram is right here. They really knew what they were doing!

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Samsung really missed!

@strawberrychocola on Instagram shows that Samsung really missed out by passing on this virtual assistant!


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