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Samsung's 5G prototype phone packs a very strange display

Samsung has been understandably protective for this phone as it has been streaming 4K video over Verin's 5G network and making the results of a big beautiful television. Forget about touching the phone – The company would not even let anyone turn on the phone's screen to a colleague coalized a representative to do it. Look and see: There's a big notch cut out of the screen's top right corner. In the beginning, it appeared that there could have been a special interface flowering, but a closer look at other images confirms that the screen is actually a small dog-eared.

The front facing camera is also located in that corner, but well over the bottom of the notch – it may be because the camera system requires more space than you typically expect, but it's really just a shot in the dark.

To be ready, this is a prototype device, and it would be unwise to make any assumptions about which future Samsung devices will look like this unfinished hardware. (In other words, I would not lose sleep over the Galaxy S10 yet.) After all, Samsung has been quite sincere about what the future of the hackers should look like: they want to be U or V, or the screen will only have a hole turned out of it to accommodate the camera. The screen we found here obviously does not fit into any of these categories, but again, it does not. The company has been very tight about the rest of the phone's specifications, and it may well represent only a possible evolutionary branch Samsung rated for its future smartphones. If so, the phone is not much more than a fascinating relic of Samsung's mobile history. And really, the only other thing I've been able to distinguish is that it works pretty well at content flow over 5G – I could live with a corner kick for the right data rates.

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