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Samsung redesigns the SmartThings app for smart home control

The updated Samsung SmartThings app.

The updated Samsung SmartThings app.
Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Samsung only overtaken the user interface for the SmartThing smart home app, which includes a redesigned home screen and rearrangement of menu items.

The new interface is available for Android users today, with an iOS update follows soon. Samsung says that this update is in line with the recent redesign of Windows 10 app, which offers a similar visual experience. I do not have a SmartThings Hub at home to test the new interface, but from the screenshots made available on the Play Store, the new app emphasizes familiar routines, with an aesthetic that mimics Samsung’s One UI on its Android devices.

The previous version of the SmartThings app prioritized categorizing devices by room. This new version divides the functions by dividing them into five parts. The new favorite page is essentially the home screen, with quick access to SmartThings devices, scenes and services. The Devices page lets you view and control connected smart home gadgets, while the Life page helps to surface some of the freebies and services you can activate with your Samsung account. This is also where you will find the SmartThings Cooking feature, actually an AI-powered personal chef who helps you cook. The Automations page is another section where you can create smart home routines and connect cloud services. The last page is mainly overflows, housing links to SmartThings Labs, notification settings and more.

The new SmartThings interface.

The new SmartThings interface.
Picture: Samsung

The interface update is a clear indicator that Samsung is committed to the SmartThings platform – sort of. Samsung has undergone an overhaul of the smart home ecosystem, perhaps in preparation for the arrival of The case devices later this year, although there are no details about Samsung’s hardware plans for the new smart home standard. And it leaves a few older devices, which has created some doubt about its future trajectory. Samsung withdraws support for the first-generation SmartThings hub, SmartThings Link for Nvidia Shield, and Samsung SmartThings ADT security hub at the end of June.

If you use these devices actively, you should have received one email from Samsung about upgrading earlier this year. If you plan to stick to the SmartThings ecosystem, you can still use the SmartThings app to control all connected devices, but only if you have the new SmartThings-compatible Aeotec Smart Home Hub. Usually a $ 125 device, it’s only $ 35 with a coupon from Samsung, though you need to reach out to SmartThings support for more details.

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