Samsung stopped making Android smartwatches a while ago, the latest was Gear Live announced in 2014 – back when Wear OS was called Android Wear. It then turned to the internal Tizen OS and has not looked back since. However, this may change as the next smartwatches from the South Korean company are rumored to run either Google̵

7;s Wear OS or its own user interface based on Android.

This development comes from Isunivers, which does not share additional information about a particular upcoming watch. However, the people are at Galaxy Club reports that Samsung is working on two devices with model numbers SM-R86x and SM-R87x. They speculate that they may be part of the Galaxy Watch Active 3 or 4 series. Given that the regular Galaxy Watch series was already updated last year, it would make sense for the next models to come up with Active branding.

The rumored Samsung Wear OS watch may be a successor to the Galaxy Watch Active2.

Samsung and Google have tightened their ties too late, and the Galaxy S21 series is proof of this. The phones replaced Samsung’s SMS app with Google Messages and even gave users the ability to have Google’s Discover feed to the left of the home screens. Last year, both companies joined forces to make their smart home products more compatible as well. There have even been reports that Google convinced Samsung to drop Bixby and the Samsung App Store. However, this has not materialized yet.

Over the years, Samsung’s Tizen OS for smartwatches has been refined to offer an experience that is superior to most Wear OS watches, especially in terms of energy efficiency and performance – something Corbin noted in its review of the Galaxy Watch3. If the next Galaxy Watch adopts Wear OS or a new customized version of Android, it remains to be seen if Samsung will be able to offer such an experience as good.

If the rumor goes out, this could turn out to be a shot in the arm that Wear OS desperately needs.