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Samsung may debut ‘double folding’ smartphone in 2021

While Samsung is skipping its Galaxy Note series this year as a result of chip shortages, the company will apparently focus heavily on collapsible, with its 2021 plans, including a new Galaxy Z Fold, a new Z Flip and a dual folding device.

Nikkei Asia reports that Samsung has these three devices in the series for 2021. It was anything but certain that Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 2 (or 3) would make their respective releases during the calendar year, but this latest report gives more credibility to previous rumors.

Most notable, however, is the revelation that Samsung is apparently working on a “dual-fold”

; smartphone. Although most details about the device are not mentioned, Nikkei claims it could see a release date as soon as later this year. Apparently, the goal of the new design is to make the full-width display hit a 16: 9 or 18: 9 aspect ratio to avoid scaling problems present on the current Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Samsung has patented some designs of dual-folding smartphones before, including one that appeared in late 2020. The design then saw a wide unit with two “panels” that could be folded out from the sides, and expanded the size of the total canvas or board all the way around to the back. One speculated benefit of the design was to use one of the two smaller panels as a keyboard with the rest of the screen showing the contents, possibly positioning the new form factor as one for productivity. The patent was first created in 2018, so it is quite possible that Samsung may have it ready, at least in smaller quantities, by the end of this year.

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