Galaxy Buds Pro is among the best truly wireless earbuds you can get for your Android phone, and Samsung will push it with another special edition. After the nostalgic retro flip set, as it announced in January, Samsung is launching one in collaboration with Adidas Originals to showcase its environmentally friendly efforts.

This new pair (h / h SamMobile) uses the iconic white and green color of the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. Like the previous special editions, this one also has a dirty case ̵

1; it is in the form of a snapback hood and it is made of recycled plastic. There are some who guess whether the snapback’s visor will hold up well over time, but at least it provides some functionality in the form of a keychain hole.

The earplugs still have the same splitting chrome finish, which is complemented with white plastic around the sides. Completing the collaboration is a customized Adidas Originals system theme that can be used on a Galaxy smartphone.

Unfortunately, these special editions of Buds Pro will only be available in South Korea at a price of KRW 279,000 (~ $ 249). Good luck importing a set if you live somewhere else.