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Samsung Internet 15 Beta adds new widget and updated Chromium engine

Samsung Internet is one of the few replacements for Google apps created by Samsung as people actually wishes to use. The browser’s fast Chromium engine and customizable interfaces have made it a popular choice, even on non-Samsung devices (where it is available via the Play Store), and now a beta version for Samsung Internet 15 is available.

The new release is based on Chromium 90, a small upgrade from the Chromium 87 engine found on Samsung Internet 14. This means that the browser supports some newer web APIs, such as overflow: clips in CSS and Declarative Shadow DOM. The upgraded engine also supports technical tracking of Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), Google̵

7;s proposal to replace cookies, but Samsung does not appear to have the feature enabled right now.

Samsung Internet 15 has a new “improved anti-tracking technology”, which is intended to prevent any methods of fingerprinting. The browser also remembers now when you activate Secret Mode (Samsung’s name for Incognito), and will remain in mode after you open the app again until you turn it off. Finally, Samsung has added a new search widget, which opens the browser with the selected address bar – just like the Chrome widget has offered for years.

The new release comes two months after the latest major update came in beta testing, Samsung Internet v14.2, which added page position synchronization across Galaxy phones and tablets. The update also added S Pen air actions, allowing you to navigate the page using pointing gestures.

You can try the new update by downloading Samsung Internet Browser Beta from the Play Store. The update is still rolling out, though, so you may have to wait another day or two.

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