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Samsung hint on bigger battery, faster speeds in first Galaxy Note 9 ads – BGR

Over the past few weeks, we've learned everything about Galaxy Note 9. We know how it will look, we know most specifications, we know how it will differ from Galaxy Note 8 and we are pretty sure we know how much it will cost. However, Samsung has not announced it yet.

The official Galaxy Note 9 message is still over a week away, but ultimately, Samsung has begun to shed its next flagship phone into a series of ads that debuted on the company's YouTube channel today.

In the first of the three ads, we see someone on an indescribable Android phone trying to download a PDF that requires immediate attention. Unfortunately, the download is freezing and forces the user to turn off automatic downloads, switch to WiFi, and even restart. None of it helps, but it seems that the speed will not be a problem for the note 9:

Samsung's next scenario looks like the first thing someone tries to load Download a video presentation in front of a meeting. Would not you know – there is no room left on the phone! No matter how many images and programs they get rid of, they just can not get enough space for the video. Samsung seems to be very subtle which means that Samsung fans will have a wide range of storage options to choose from with Note 9:

Finally we come to the battery. The most relatable of all the videos, this one has someone waiting for a trip with an app like Uber or Lift as their battery drops to zero. It's a nightmare scenario, but apparently not one that Galaxy Note 9 users need to deal with, as a massive battery will be a highlight of the phone:

After watching all these videos, I'm just grateful that I do not have so many intrusive people in my life, and demanding that I download a file on my phone in seconds, flat, more than anything else. But as Samsung says, "much can change in a day" and we'll see how much changes when Not 9 is unveiled August 9th in NYC.

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