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Samsung and Xiaomi plan to ship upcoming smartphones without charger after mocking Apple over the same move

Despite mocking Apple for no longer including a charger with the iPhone, it is now expected that Samsung and Xiaomi will follow suit and remove the charging adapter from their upcoming smartphones.

samsung charging post

In addition to the announcement of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, Apple announced that they will no longer include the charging adapter with all new iPhones, with reference to environmental considerations. The move was publicly criticized by rival smartphone manufacturers Samsung and Xiaomi.

The day after the announcement of the ‌iPhone 12‌ and ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌, Xiaomi released a video promoting the Mi 10T Pro on social media showing unboxing of a charger accompanied by the comment “Do not worry, we did not leave anything out of the box.”

Samsung also posted a picture of a charger with the text “Included with Galaxy”, and the message:

#Galaxy gives you what you’re looking for. From the most basic charging, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even the 120Hz screen.

Despite these social media posts clearly hitting Apple’s decision, it is now believed that Samsung, based on government records, will remove the charger from the Galaxy S21, which will be unveiled on January 14. This may now be more likely considering that Samsung has deleted its “the most basic as a charger” post from social media completely, as discovered by HTTech.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has also now confirmed on Weibo that the company’s upcoming Mi 11 phone will not come with a charger due to environmental considerations. Jun said that smartphone users already have many chargers, so including another with Mi 11 will contribute to an unnecessary environmental impact:

Xiaomi Mi 11 is officially unveiled with brand new packaging, so light and thin.

Behind the thinness we made an important decision: in response to the call from technology and environmental protection, Xiaomi 11 discontinued the included charger.

Today, everyone has many available chargers, which are both a burden for you and the environment. We are well aware that this decision may not be understood or even appealed. Is there a better solution between industry practice and environmental protection?

iPhones now ship without wired EarPods or power adapter in the box, with only a Lightning to USB-C charging cable included. Once this accessory is removed, all new iPhones will now ship in a thinner case. Apple points to the environmental benefits of no longer packing these accessories, noting that the move reduces carbon emissions and avoids mining and the use of rare earth elements.

With a major competitor no longer offering accessories such as the power adapter and EarPods, Samsung and Xiaomi can now believe that consumers are prepared to buy accessories separately. Samsung and Xiaomi have been known to follow similar trends set by Apple in the past. For example, Samsung made fun of Apple to remove the headphone jack from ‌‌iPhone‌‌ 7 in 2016 before it mirrored the decision and released the Galaxy A8 2018 without a headphone jack.

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