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Samsung 860 QVO brings multi terabyte SSDs down to earth

The line will be available December 16th, starting at a modest $ 150 for a 1TB model, climbing $ 300 for a 2TB drive and peaked at a reasonable $ 600 for a 4TB version. You can use one to save all your data without breaking the bank, rather than having to use it as a boot station.

You may want to be careful before you rush to buy one for your gaming rig, though. While the sequential data browsing speeds are good at 550MB / s, writing speeds are another story. AnandTech pointed out that the alleged 520 MB / s sequential writing speed only holds when using the cache. Like other high-capacity SSDs, sustainable speed drops significantly when you do not have this cache's luxury, from 80MB / s to the 1

TB model at 160MB / s on 2TB and 4TB editions. A reduced 860 EVO may be more competitive than QVO. With that said, we would not expect QVO to remain at official prices forever. A drop in street prices can make this a value campaign for people who are more interested in having a do-it-all station than the fastest possible performance.

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